Best Dental Earplugs

Why are “The One” Earplugs the Best Dental Earplugs?

Dental earplugs have always presented a problem. How can a dentist hear everything they need to hear, all while protecting from Tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss?

Best Dental Earplugs

The One is the only hearing protection on the market that allows dentists to hear everything around them and to clearly hear others while protecting hearing. This “spatial awareness” is not available with any other dental hearing protection, which is why The One® for Dentists is the new industry standard and is simply the Best Dental Earplug. 

 After working with dentists from across the nation, we realized the main issue was that dentists were unaware of the exposure that dentists are subjected to every day. Whether it be from micro-motor handpieces, suction pumps or ultrasonic scalers, dentists are exposed to dangerously high decibels. Despite the alarming effect these tools have on dentists’ hearing, the proper steps toward protection have not been taken.

Other generic, one-size-fits-all products claim to protect the hearing of dentistry professionals. This would be true if these earplugs could be worn in the office. They clearly cannot and do not as they give the dentist an occluded or “clogged” feeling when worn. Generic products prohibit the dentist from hearing their equipment and other people in the office as they simply plug the ear canal or attempt to mask, match, or recreate the sound around the ear with little to no success.

We have experienced this before with professional musicians, who were attempting to protect themselves from damage while rehearsing and playing. Even musicians with high-quality earplugs for musicians, and especially those with generic earplugs, had developed tinnitus, and their hearing was being eroded away on a daily basis. Due to the muffled effects that the earplugs and monitors had on the musicians, their playing ability was hindered and, as a result, the musicians’ conductors began planning to retire the players or move them down in rank. 

The same can be said for dentists: they must be able to hear every tool, slight mumble, gargle or grunt from the person in the chair as well as from coworkers and technicians. At the same time, they must also not lose hearing, lest they or their clinic lose reputation. In most cases, disenchanted dentists stop wearing hearing protection altogether, leading to permanent noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

Custom Filtered Hearing Protection Explained

This is where The One comes into play, through a dual filtered hearing protection system that works to protect your hearing and allow you to hear everything around you. The primary filter provides a flat attenuation through all frequencies. It works as a screen door, allowing sounds of a certain decibel to pass through a reduction filter for that decibel level. This includes 9, 15, 20 and 25-decibel options. The secondary filter is a non-linear filter, which allows sounds under 85 decibels to pass through with no restriction, which enables dentists to hear clearly and not experience the plugged-up feeling common to other earplugs. The secondary filter also acts as a vent, allowing pressure between the inside and outside of the ear to equalize.

What this allows the wearer to do as they work is to trust that they are protected while operating and interacting with patients, all while feeling like they have nothing occluding their hearing.

To make the Best Dental Earplugs, one must have a set of impressions of their ear. Since dentists have experience making impressions of teeth we found that the process of making earplugs is fluid and can be learned quickly. When the impressions are being made at the office or at home, they create a fun little diversion.

If and when you order the plugs, you will receive our Big Ear home impression kit. Follow along with a short video and make impressions for everyone in the office. Once we have the impressions back, it usually takes 21 business days from the date of arrival of the impressions for completion of the production. (Rush service is also available at an additional charge.) The earplugs come in several colors as well as a low-profile option. Most patients will not notice the earplugs. 

We created the Best Dental Earplugs to stop the insanity of dental hearing loss, to make the lifestyles of dentists more comfortable, and to make the work less damaging to lifetime health.

Our guiding purpose is to protect your hearing and the hearing of those in your practice and allow you to provide your patients with the best version of yourself.

Glenn Hood


Big Ear 

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