Best Ear Protection For Shooting

You deserve the best ear protection for shooting.

Don't settle for less.

The best shooters deserve the best ear protection for shooting. Our products are designed to fit all shooters’ needs, from the expert marksman to the curious novice. Choose from a range of customized ear protection: full stop earplugs, filtered earpieces, or fully electronic units. Decide what the best shooting ear protection is for you from our products that were made with the versatile shooter in mind.

Our premier electronic hearing protection is made with four different presets that are interchangeable with the push of a button and a volume adjustment right at your fingertips. Shoot with ease as you hear your weapon click and be fully protected with our proprietary compression technology.

Most companies use a clip technology that detects a sound and cuts it off. With the clip technology, you may get hearing damage every single time you are shooting, so it may not be the best shooting ear protection they claim it to be. Whereas with electronic hearing protection compression circuitry that compresses and subdues loud shooting sounds, you are always ready for action. They simply are the best ear protection for shooting.

It does, however, require a more substantial investment to get the right equipment. But just as you should not settle for a substandard gun from Walmart, neither should you be satisfied with substandard hearing protection.


Best Ear Protection For Shooting

We cater to big game hunters, including Women That Hunt (WTH) and everyone else in between. Custom Ear Plugs are an asset no matter the application; whether you’re preparing to fire your first bullet, training with a small-bore shooter, or competing with a high-powered rifle, we can create the exact product perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our providers attend matches all across the US, providing competitors and novices alike a perfect solution to help find the best ear protection for shooting. Shown on the image is an amazing group of hunters from Nova Scotia that we had the privilege of meeting and protecting their hearing.


“I’m using the custom ears that I had made last month at the SWAT conference and they work perfectly… No doubt Big Ear is the best in the industry as far as hearing protection goes!”

Shoot in Stealth

In the most dangerous situations, our custom products will allow you to understand orders the first time. Roll in quietly, completely control communication and never let anyone else hear the radio go off while on a mission – all this you can do when you buy the best ear protection for shooting in the market.

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Providers Wanted

We are actively looking for Providers who can supply our customers with the best ear protection for shooting, whether it be the best electronic hearing protection or earplugs for shooting specially made on site. We service gun clubs, gun stores, shooting matches or anywhere events happen.

As an independent provider, you will be able to write off all your expenses and enjoy your weekend. By having a portable business, you can help us save the hearing of shooters nearly everywhere and almost anytime.

Big Ear territories are limited so please contact us soon.


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