The Best Motorcyclist Riding Ear Plugs

1.1 The Best Motorcyclist Riding Ear Plugs

When it comes to riding your motorcycle it is meant to be an enjoyable experience and having the best protection gear is part of this experience and we want to help you answer this Question, What are “The Best Motorcyclist Riding Ear Plugs?”

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Motorcyclist comes in all shapes and sizes all with different reasons for riding a motorcycle. Many chose because of gas prices, mpg, or parking spaces and more ride because of the thrill of the wind and freedom from being trapped in a car.

I ride a lot of the time and use this as a kind of pondering and a mental break from day to day life.

I came across an article that was shared with me that I would like to share with you and I’m not taking credit for this other then it really sums up a lot of the reason I ride.

1.1.1 The Spiral of Life

“If there were no beginnings and if there were no endings, we would have the absence of inertia and the presence of stagnation.”  Craig D. Lounsbrough

Life flows in a cyclical, spiralized movement, like a corkscrew.

The line of existence twisting and turning.

Moving up and over…down and under…and back up again.

This cycle repeating over and over, from birth until death.

The cyclical nature of experience continually propelling us forward.

Each rotation moving us just a little bit further on our own unique journey.

Gifting us with experiences.

Teaching us lessons.

Often times as we move through the cycles of life, we place our focus on the upswing.

On the top of the cycle and the momentum that it holds.

This is the space of energy, drive and forward movement.

It’s this space that we tend to glamourize.

We live in a world that is quick and rewards efficiency.

Our culture and society have taught us that in order to be considered successful, you have to do things better, faster and stronger than everyone else.

You’ve heard it in your life, I’m sure…that success is only measured by how hard you grind.

By how much you hustle.

Every single day.

All the time.

So, we begin to apply pressure to stay in this highly focused, highly energized space even as we’re moving through the bottommost portions of our cycle.

The time that is meant for rest, reflection and regeneration.

This is the space where we can retreat into our imagination and our own emotional world.

This is the space where ideas are conceived.

1.2 Where dreams are born.

It’s within this space, that the strength we’ll need to see us through the top of our cycle, is cultivated.

And when we don’t honor this downtime, we stress out.

We burn out.

We become physically ill.

If we don’t honor our need for rest and reflection, we won’t have the stamina to continue on with our growth effectively.

1.3 Here are some really simple steps to help you identify where you’re currently at within your own unique cycle:

  1. Find a quiet space and allow yourself to become still.
  2. Feel into your body and listen to what it’s saying.

If you feel energized and motivated, you’re on the top of that spiral.

Direct that energy toward something productive that will help you move forward with your dreams, or something that you’ve been working on.

If you find that when you get still, you’re actually exhausted, then you’re in the bottom phase of your spiral.

Find time to nurture yourself and rest more than you typically would.

Your body will always tell you what it needs, it’s your primary guide throughout this life.

Your job, is simply to listen to it.

To become familiar with the cyclical nature that it moves and thrives on.

To learn what your cycle is and to honor it.

So, take some time this week to check in.

Where are you currently at within the ebb and flow of your grand spiral?

So if you are like me this was a nice break in thinking and time for a motorcycle ride just to ponder these wise words.

One thing that we combat while were riding is hearing loss from the wind and road noise and often ponder, What are The Best Motorcyclist Riding Ear Plugs.

This answer is different for many people with different needs and here on our website, we give you a lot of resources to answer this question.

1.4  How to find the right motorcycle ear plugs

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