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Tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss are at an all-time high in the dental profession. I took a step back to look at what happened. It can be said that the dental profession as a whole has contributed to a better life experience for people in North America since the turn of the 20th century. They have made a concerted effort in education and prevention for overall mouth health in the US. Now It’s our turn to educate the dentist about their major health issue so they can do something for the next generation of Dental Professionals. It can be solved by simply wearing dental ear plugs. What follows is the five stages that contribute to large-scale changes regarding personal protection and preventative measures within our society.

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1. Awareness:

Many factors have contributed to this catastrophic onset of Tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss that we are seeing. I have poured over the research to understand the common issue causing this, and I have found it. We are not aware that the new lifestyle habits and the profession have completely devastated the normal hearing in the dentist profession.


2. Research:

Once a profession as a whole understands that there is a significant shift in the health of a group we go into research mode. We study, investigate and report on what we see. All the research supports that our lives have become much louder and the professions we choose can and will accelerate noise-Induced hearing loss and Tinnitus if we do nothing about it.

3. Realization:

“The Red Pill.” Unfortunately like when the dental health profession introduced the little red pill way back when I was in grade school, it showed the plack and scum that was on my teeth even after I was given the opportunity to brush first. It was a very embarrassing, and it was an impactful day for a lot of us. I think that when we became aware that we all needed to brush better, it changed all of our lives. The issue with tinnitus that it is invisible and the only person who can see and feel our shame, embarrassment and regret are ourselves. It acts as our own little red pill that only we can hear, and we have Ringing in our ears and difficulty understanding the conversation at a noisy restaurant. Just like our grandparents and even my parents that had dentures, They looked normal, but underneath the surface, they had to come to grips that they had false teeth. There was no alternative back then, and it was all about educating the next generations to come to take better care of what we have and took for granted.

4. Solution:

The Dental Profession is unique as a practice. You have to engage with the patient fully, and you have to be able to fully communicate with your assistant and hear all the nuances of your equipment, and you need to protect your hearing. Until now all of this was not achievable. I have studied all that goes into the workplace and have created a solution to solve the next generation of hearing loss in dentists. I call it “The One.” It is a Low profile clear, discrete patented dual filtered custom dental ear plugs that allows perfect conversation and communication, all the while adequately protecting your hearing. You have to save what you have left of your hearing and try and get the Tinnitus under control and not aggravate it as it will continue to get worse through repeat exposure to damaging decibels. So like the “Red Pill” Take action now.

5. Advocacy:

Once you have implemented dental ear plugs as a necessary action in your practices it’s time to educate future generations of dentists that like brushing their teeth it’s up to them to personally protect themselves. Once you have found the right solution that works for you, it’s up to you to spread the word and pay it forward to the next group as we already are dealing with the effects of doing nothing.

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