Where is Fit-Ear?

Like many businesses, Big Ear was created to fulfill a need.  What started as a desire to solve a problem, in this case, hearing loss, grew into the success story we are today.  Two brothers, sharing a common goal for marketing success, and the top spot in the industry began building Big Ear.  We sought out the best materials, the best employees, and the best ear protection for our customers.  Yet, as the American dream unfolded, the next part of the story evolved.  One brother broke off from the family with the idea that he could ‘do it better’ and thus, Fit-Ear was born.  So where is Fit-Ear now?

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1.1 The Beginning of Big Ear

The story is an old one.  It involves a woman.  One woman was all it took to come between the two brothers and the Big Ear story changed.  My brother, Mark, and I started Big Ear in 2003 as we sought out a way to protect our hearing.  Hours upon hours, miles upon miles of wind noise from riding left me in more pain than I thought imaginable.  Through research, we learned that hearing loss was irreversible and damage to the ear from loud noises, constant high wind speeds, and extreme sound pressure would cause premature hearing loss.  We needed a way to stop hearing loss, immediately and for good.

In 2010, Mark met a woman who was convinced he could run the company better and encouraged him to start his own company.  Gone was the camaraderie and brother’s love.  The loss of not only a brother, but a confidant and colleague was a tough pill to swallow.  Yet, Big Ear endured.  For the last 8 years, Mark and I have been competitors.  Big Ear vs. Fit-Ear.  If anything, it gave Big Ear the boost to be better, have the best hearing loss products, and surpass the market with only the best intentions for our customers. 

1.1.1 What Happened to Fit-Ear?

Fit-Ear lasted as long as the relationship.  The breakup between my brother and this woman ended the relationship, and with it, their business.  As of August 27, 2019, Fit-Ear has closed its doors.  Mark now has a job and represents another company for now.

Undeniably, I’d be remiss to say I didn’t have the last laugh.  However, I have gained back my brother and friend.  If nothing else, that is the greatest takeaway from this. 

1.1.2 Fit-Ear Closed, Now What?

When Mark left Big Ear, he brought with him to Fit-Ear the same morals and excellent service he had learned at Big Ear.  He merely took our product line and added it to his line.  We both knew we had the best earplugs on the market and Big Ear is consistently striving to create an even better line.  That said, Fit-Ear customers don’t have to worry.  Mark and I have mended our family relationship and want to extend our goodwill to past Fit-Ear customers.  The same customer experience you had with Fit-Ear can be found with Big Ear.  If you need your earplugs serviced or have a warranty issue, we are here to help. 

1.2 Warranty Repair

Big Ear will continue to serve our own customers, and we welcome Fit-Ear customers into the fold as part of our Big Ear family.  If you have warranty issues or need to arrange service, use our Downloadable Warranty Repair form.  This is for Big Ear and Fit Ear customers.  We’re here to ensure the transition to our Big Ear customer service is seamless.

On behalf of Big Ear and my family, I want to thank Mark and Fit-Ear for pushing me to offer the best service to my wonderful customers.  We look forward to building relationships with Mark’s Fit-Ear customers and wish Mark the best in his future endeavors.


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