Big Ear is pleased to announce that Emily, our provider and will be attending Many of the Mill Creek Rifle Club events this year and into the future.

The Mill Creek Rifle Club takes great pride in ensuring that all their members and attendees practice safe gun and personal protection care while at any event Held at the Mill Creek Rifle Club.

Personal protection is the cornerstone belief at the Mill Creek Rifle Club for a lifelong learning and competition for all its members and Big Ear shares in that same belief.

As with all the different events, gun calibers and competition, there are many different styles of custom hearing protection options. Since there are many options with different functions for different uses, moreover we would like to explain them in detail for you.

Big Ear is a premium hearing protection Brand so all of the options are custom fit to each individual user. We use our perfect fit technology to achieve this.

How to chose the right Earplug.

Here is a list of what you might need at the Mill Creek Rifle Club.

Custom Ear Plugs

  • Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Made the event
  • Custom Ear Plugs with vents for hunting
  • Vanquishers are Custom Ear Plugs with a 37dB reduction that you can communicate while wearing
  • Custom Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Bluetooth Custom Electronic Hearing Protection for use with your Phone or your radio.

Let’s get Started:

Sleeping Ear Plugs

Mill Creek Rifle Club Sleeping Ear Plugs

Get a good night sleep and be rested for your match

Made on Site Custom Ear Plugs

Mill Creek Rifle Club Hearing Protection Shooting Earplugs For Hunting Shooting Ranges Best Earplugs For Comfort and Ease Of Fit


Custom Ear Plugs made the event

Custom Ear Plugs with vents for hunting

Mill Creek Rifle Club Hunter passive Best Hunting Earplugs for Game Hunting Hunter Passive is Vented For Safety And Awareness and green

Best Hunting Earplugs for Game Hunting Hunter Passive is Vented For Safety And Awareness
















Custom Ear Plugs with a 37dB reduction that you can communicate while wearing

Mill Creek Rifle Club Big Ear Vanquisher 37dB reduction

When you double protect you will achieve an overall 42dB reduction while being able to have a conservation



Custom Electronic Hearing Protection

Wireless and wired custom bluetooth headset for motorcycle riding.

Wireless and wired custom Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riding.



Custom Electronic Hearing Protection for use with Bluetooth or your radio.

Mill Creek Rifle Club Hearing Protection















Mill Creek Rifle Club Website

Contact Emily



This year Big Ear will be attending The UK’s Biggest Motorcycle Show – NEC BIRMINGHAM.

We will be in Hall 4 Stand 4C46. We are not by all the other Ear Plug stands because we stand alone.

NEC  Birmingham  Exhibitor list 

Gather all your information then come by our booth and you will see that we are different. We are motorcycle riders that are in the hearing protection business, and we protect our riders.

As innovators in the hearing protection world with many patents on hearing protection devices.

On our mission to protect the motorcycle community, We are always looking For new distributors who want to give themselves to a selfless cause and carry all our products in the UK this year. Clicking the link will bring you to more information on becoming a big ear provider.

Best Home Based Business.

Below is our most popular hearing protection solutions for motorcycle riders at the NEC BIRMINGHAM

  1. Solid Earplugs Made on Site delivered the same day
  2. Super Soft custom motorcycle earplugs
  3. Filtered Ear Plugs
  4. Custom Stereo In-Ear Motorcycle Ear Buds
  5. Bluetooth Solution For all makes of Ear Buds
  6. Custom Convertable Stereo In-Ear Ear BudIf you are looking for a simple custom earplug to block out up to 33db of sound, a filtered earplug to hear all the sound around you all start with our proprietary made on site custom earplugs that you will pick up the same day. They have a 3-year warranty on them, and this is the best in the business.


We put together this article on How to chose the right earplugs.

Here is a comprehensive Video on the products available from Big Ear at the NEC Birmingham


Custom Earplugs

Nec Birmingham Custom Ear Plugs

Custom Earplugs For Motorcycle Riders For Use under your Helmet




Big Ear’s Own Super Soft Custom Motorcycle Earplugs

Nec Birmingham Super Soft Custom Motorcycle Earplugs




Here is how simple it is to install a custom set of Ear Plugs

Filtered Ear Plugs

When you demand spacial awareness without the plugged up feeling that earplugs give you, or if you would like hearing the speakers in your helmet correctly while riding then The One is the product for you.

Nec Birmingham - Big Ear's The One M.E.T Select Series For Marching Band

(The One®) Is our patented Dual filtered hearing protection device that allows you to perfectly hear everything around while being fully protected.






How The Filtered Ear Plug Works

See all the options here

Now let’s talk about how to get a custom speaker in your head. whether you just want to listen to your tunes or need to have perfect communication.

We have many models levels of durability and sound quality to chose from so make sure to stop and check them all out.

Included at our booth will be Our Flagship Custom Stereo Motorcycle Headset. We developed this in 2004 and have sold over 100,000 sets to motorcycle riders all over the world. The plugs fit flush in the ear bowl allowing for even the tightest helmet to glide over it. It also has Kevlar lined cables and double knotted strain reliefs.

Custom Stereo In-Ear Motorcycle Ear Buds

Our FLAGSHIP BE-1C’S  More info here

Nec Birmingham BE-1C's

Bluetooth Solution For all makes of Ear Buds

Now with our newest durable Go Blue Bluetooth unit, you can use any of our wired headsets and make them Bluetooth in seconds.

Nec Birmingham Mini Bluetooth Receiver Adapter Stereo






Watch the Video below and here is more info on this amazing Go Blue unit.



If you’re looking for better Sound quality, then the next step is our Dual Driver with Extra Bass

Custom Convertable Stereo In-Ear Ear Buds

Come and see at NEC BIRMINGHAM the newest innovation From Big Ear our Custom Convertable Stereo In-Ear earbuds that allow you to make a choice. They can be hardwired (with a choice of chord options) and with just a switch of a chord, you can convert to be Bluetooth (with many options to come). Our newest Bluetooth battery options allow you to have 10 hours of uninterrupted listening with a  lower charge time for full music streaming with the latest Bluetooth Technology.

See how they work then make your Choice. It only takes 5 minutes to make a set of impressions and about five weeks to build and ship.

Choices Start at our Dual Driver, then our Famous Triple driver and our newest five drivers with extra Bass.

How Big Ear’s Convertable’s Work


Dual Driver Convertable

NEC Birmingham Custom Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Convertible To Wired {Triple Driver}

Custom Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Convertible To Wired {Dual Driver}





Triple Driver Convertable 

Big Ear convertible Triple driver


The Big 5 Convertable Unit

What are transducers











Testimonial for the convertible series Tom Bradley


How to become a Big Ear Provider?

Why with all the technology has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss become the #1 Disease in the world?

There is a very famous painting by Goya that depicts a man sleeping, in his slumber he is marauded by all manner of creatures of the night.

The title of the haunting image is, “The sleep of reason produces monsters.”

Unfortunately, in 2018 where we are as technically proficient and as savvy as we have ever been, this depiction is something that is relatable in our current world.

I believe in the mindset that attempting to talk about the meaning of art defeats its purpose,

I do want to draw a parallel between this painting and what I see in my everyday life.

The common interpretation of what this piece of art is saying is that when you allow your reason to sleep bad things happen.

Which means that ignorance in its purest form is inherently evil as that ignorance does not allow the offender to understand that they have a choice.

Or the evil is not noticed as it is not perpetrated by any one person but by a mentality or an ideal.

This pure form of ignorance is embodied in cliche but ever poignant statements like, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

And why we still to this day have calamitous problems throughout our natural world.

So in the name of those who have stood for something in their lives we at Big Ear feel that we have the platform to speak about an evil that is being perpetrated every day.

As you read these words, this injustice is afflicting most of the individuals you know and the next generation and their children.

The evil I am pontificating about is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss, and yes I do understand that Noise-Induced Hearing Loss when compared to the horrors of famine war and pestilence that exists in the world, seems like a ghost in a bed sheet.

However, in the long term, any form of Noice induced hearing loss can lead to major complications for those who are afflicted and will if nothing is done by those of us in our species, lead to millions of premature deaths and other horrible conditions that can all be avoided.

I do understand that our companies mission is not a holy crusade to fix all of the world’s problems and when you put our work into perspective we have had and will have a very small effect on the inhabitants of this massive world we live in, and we are ok with that.

It does seem in recent years that we are in a world that is obsessed with changing the world and leaving a massive impact on every person alive as there have been a very select few who have had that ability (Think Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Jeff Bezos, Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Bill Gates).

We have found in our experience (Which may be jaded and skewed) that change takes a very very long time and the change that we want to put into motion may not be realized in our lifetime, the lifetime of our children’s children or ever.

But that is not a good enough excuse to not try and do something about this invisible crime that steals away so many precious years and special moments. So what is the evil that we want to defeat, I touched on a small part of it earlier with my dramatic interpretation of Goya’s painting, and I identified the physical condition (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss) which is the result of the crime, but I did not touch on why Noise-Induced Hearing Loss still exists and is an accepted condition in our species.

And I must be fully honest and explain that we do not have the answer as to why people choose to not protect their hearing, and we have been doing this for 15 years.

There is a disconnection between the habits that cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss which is a debilitating disorder.

It’s is now defined as a disease.

A side note if you scoffed at that last comment, please do me a favor and visit a tinnitus help group, have a conversation with someone who is hyperacusis and find the joy that they find in life, or sit down with someone who has hearing aids and ask them to tell you how much they love them.

It’s obvious that Noise-Induced Hearing Loss causes strife in life and it is our companies objective to make life better, but it is up to those who read these words or hear our words to take steps in the right direction as the changes you make to your lifestyle now will echo in the later stages of your life.

And that is the big picture goal that we have for anyone reading this; it is our ambition to change one habit that’s all.

The habit is tricky to master as it is not apparent because it requires you to put up a barrier while at the same time expressing a vulnerability.

This elusive habit I am referring to is the habit of wearing hearing protection. (Pause for effect) You heard it right hearing protection,  the sleep of reason the dramatic buildup culminates to you physically placing a piece of silicone, wax, foam or any version of hearing protection in your ears when you feel discomfort.

That’s it, that is the action that we have given our lives to.

But it does not start with the act, where proper hearing conservation begins is with knowledge, just like any other learned ability the act of protecting yourself begins with you learning first about why this action is important followed by the reciprocation on your side of seeking out answers and the circle is closed by both sides providing the other with the tools they need to make their lives better.

On your side, it is a baseline hearing test that identifies your hearing levels and on our side, you provide us with the data that will inform us on the habits you can take to ensure that you do not cause yourself future damage or the information to help you not further the damage you have already sustained.

That’s it that is the big picture, we want to help, and nothing else hurts us more than having the tools to prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and no one using them.

So we vow to attempt to awaken your reason, however as change goes in our species it is up to you the individual to take the positive steps forward for the betterment of your fellow human.


Why don't we wear hearing protection, Goya

We must wake up

Find out how to chose the right hearing protection.

CCS/ASRA Modern SportBike Races and Big Ear will be there with Monkey foot Racking. So come by and see Dave and Nick.


Big Ear earplugs Americade 2018 Big Ear

We are looking for people that would like to be new providers in this area.

Come by and mention this ad and get $20.00 of the web price of $85.00 at this event.

Come by our booth at the CCS/ASRA Modern SportBike Races at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and see all our new products.

The Best Motorcycle Custom Earplugs (The One®) Select Americade 2018 Big Ear

See the solid earplugs here. If you are looking for an earplug that is legal in all 50 states then you want our interchangeable Motorcycle Filtered Earplugs.

If you need to have tunes or want to plug into your communications you’ve got the see this.

We all know the story if were that guy, We want to wear earplugs, so were at the gas station pull off our helmet and the foam earplugs go flying. Wow, I finally get to take these irritating thing out of my head. we pump gas or maybe even run in first because we have to get back to our bike to get my earplugs back in.

Back at the bike, get gas (hopefully did not get it on my hands as I have to roll my earplugs) to get them back in my ears. Now you working on it for a few minutes, it’s hot and you hope you got them in good and deep this time. You pull on your helmet carefully and the left one comes out, (dam) do it again. Now we’re ready. You get going again and then you get a good crosswind and your helmet lifts up and the left earplugs loosen up, or you yawn when it lifts up and it comes out. We have all had this and so many more stories.

With Custom Earplugs it only takes 3 secs each side to put them in.

They stay deep and sealed event with the helmet lifting up and furthermore there never is a comfort issue. You wear them all day and night if you sleep in a loud hotel or tent.

When you look at all the suffering that goes with any other option it’s easy to see the value in taking the time and upfront cost ( as foam earplugs are not free) and these last 10+ years.

Now available in all different types to get you exactly what you need.

Big Ear Custom Earplugs

Monkeyfoot Champ Dave sporting his Big Ear’s custom earplugs

Custom Earplug Buying Cycle Infographic

Custom Earplug Buying Cycle

The Big Ear Story

The Big Ear Story

The Grand Prize give away by Big Ear Inc at the BMW Owners of America Rally each year.

It was an amazing event this year in Iowa. The facility was incredible and the weather held. It was a warm one but we had unlimited air condition.

The grand prize winner From Big Ear was:

Karen Hinzpeter from Twin Lakes Wi.

The BMW Owners of America had a beer tent and Karen won as she was volunteering for the members.

Big Ear’s Newest Noise Canceling Convertible Custom Triple Speaker Earbuds (Value $1555.00)

motorcycleFor years we have all struggled to hear our communication systems through the wind and outside road noise while escaping life on our motorcycles. Whether we wanted to listen to our music or hear our wives or buddies, it was always difficult while on the road. To compensate, we’ve purchased systems at a booth, in a store, or online through vendors that claim to have a better solution. We’ve sat in our driveway, installed that system, and boy, did it sound good! Then we went for a ride. Those supposedly new and improved systems did not perform as promised because the wind and road noise rose over 105dB. It was impossible to hear your music or partner over the roar.

Big Ear Inc. has a solution to your frustration on the open road. Finally, you can hear your communication system while enjoying your fantastic motorcycle adventures. Chose if you would like to go with your Bluetooth or just hard wire into your newer communication system. Plug your cord into your Big Ear earplugs, and go. The clarity and sound are unparalleled to anything on the market.

BMW Rally Also included, you can turn your phone into a perfect hearing aid (full info on the website) using your Big Ears and the Sonic Cloud app. Have constant communication on the road or at the gas pumps without removing your helmet. The solutions are endless when it comes to hearing protection and clear sound.

Learn more at or attend my upcoming BMW Owners of America seminars at the rally. We will discuss these solutions, a new earplug, and ways to hear your speakers without changing your current set up.
Get a discount for just attending my talk.

More to do in Des Monies, Iowa