Fire Cracker Ear Plugs

Fire Cracker Ear Plugs – noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks.

Fireworks are an exciting visual expression of celebration. All over the world, fireworks are used to honor the events that matter most to nations, to communities, to individuals. It’s a treat to enjoy the show that a professional or backyard pyrotechnician has worked long and hard to entertain us with.

The stunning visual show, though, comes with the danger of the sound output from the chemical reactions in the fireworks. Just like we can’t have lightning without thunder, we can’t have the colors of the fireworks without the blast after the fuse is lit.

Fire Cracker Ear Plugs noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks.

When we think of the hazards or dangers of fireworks, the first group we think to protect is our pets. We know to make sure our companion animals are safely stowed at home on those special occasions when pyrotechnics are involved. We don’t immediately think to protect our hearing from the danger of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks displays.

What are the Dangers?

At 140-160 dBA (A-weighted decibels), fireworks register as the highest decibel rated activities on the scale provided on the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders’ (NIDCD) website.

The World Health Organization reports the sound output from fireworks at 150-175 dB. Regardless of which resource you access, it’s clear that the sound produced from fireworks exceeds the recommended noise exposure of 140 dB for adults and 120 dB for children; infants should not be exposed to fireworks at all.

Exposure to fireworks without taking proper precautions can result in tinnitus; temporary or permanent hearing loss; and, rarely, in eardrum perforation. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks are preventable.

Wearing Fire Cracker Ear Plugs AND Protect Your Hearing?

The first line of defense is to see the show at a safe distance from where the fireworks are being set off. From 500 feet, you can see the show and not worry about the impact on your hearing from exposure to the sound pressure from the small explosions of each firework being lit.

If you’re after a better vantage point, earplugs and noise-reducing headphones are great options for reducing the effects of the intense blasts on your hearing. If you don’t have your own custom earplugs or you only need a pair for one fireworks show, foam or wax earplugs will still provide good protection. Using headphones is a better alternative to earplugs for children because earplugs may be too big to fit their smaller ear canals. Of course, if you have an infant, the best option is to sacrifice that prime seat until they’re a little older.

If you’re a backyard pyrotechnician putting on a display for family and friends, quieter fireworks are available. Fireworks providers can educate you on which fireworks are amazing to watch without the hazard of a loud bang with each detonation. This doesn’t mean that the quieter fireworks are completely silent: the crackles and whistles of these fireworks may not create the boom that we automatically imagine and remember, but they still create a sound that we need to protect our hearing from.

Getting The right Fire Cracker Hearing Protection

Regardless of which fireworks you choose to dazzle your audience with, as the person closest to the action, you should definitely set the example for your audience and protect your hearing using earplugs or noise-reducing headphones.

Fireworks are the exclamation point at the end of a long and exciting day of celebration. You’ve protected yourself with sunscreen throughout the day against burning, worn a lifejacket on the boat in case you fall in and forget how to swim, kept your baseball cap or straw hat on to protect against sunstroke.

As the sun goes down and the show’s about to start, it’s time to put in your Fire Cracker Ear Plugs or pop on your headphones to prevent noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks.


How To choose the right hearing protection

Fire Cracker Ear Plugs noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus caused by fireworks.


Preschoolers are causing noise-induced hearing loss and hyperacusis in teachers researchers have found that Seven out of ten female preschool teachers suffer from Noise-induced auditory fatigue, one out of two has difficulty understanding language along with four out of ten become hypersensitive to noise.

Pre School Teacher Must protect their hearing

This is a considerably greater share than girls in general and higher than in occupational groups exposed to sound, based on research in Sahlgrenska Academy, Sweden. “We have an occupational group with much higher risk for those signs, and when nothing is done about it, then it is really alarming. We must lower sound levels, have a calmer preschool,” states Sofie Fredriksson, an audiologist with research from the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department at Sahlgrenska Academy.

In continued work on her dissertation, she has analyzed preschool teachers. The corresponding share in the control group (4,122 girls ) was 32 percent. Within the group, 46 percent, had trouble understanding speech, compared with 26% of the control group. Thirty-nine percent stated at least one time each week they experienced discomfort or bodily pain in their ears out of everyday sounds that aren’t necessarily loud in any way.

Hyperacusis Prevention custom Hearing Protection

The corresponding share with hyperacusis in the management group was 18 percent.

Preschool educators are vulnerable to voices and yells which frequently convey significant information, a communication-intensive sound that’s difficult to screen out. Contrary to a machine in a commercial environment, To protect teachers from these dangerous decibels a compromise must be implemented, Sofie Fredriksson highlights.

It isn’t just about how large the groups of children are, but also about opportunities for good periods spent outdoors and much more. The imidate solution is Custom Hearing Protection Devices.

We have created a solution called “The One.” It is a patented Custom Hearing Protection Ear Plug that is very discrete and made for all day use where you can hear your students perfectly and when there is an instant outbreak you are adequately protected without having to do anything. It is a dual filter that is always working for you, keeping you protected at all times. The main issue is if we don’t learn from this and take a stand now and do something about it today, we will continue to cause more teachers to get hearing damage. This does fall under OSHA regulations, with enough noise about this we can save our upcoming educators.

Preschool Noise Makers

It is the responsibility of the institutions to make the correct Personal Hearing Protection Devices available to Teachers as they would a factory worker until they can implement better noise control in the schools.

Personal hearing protection that works is available now.

It is the same as being regulated to provide Custom Hearing Protection for the Band Directors and Music Teachers according to this CDC REPORT. So if you start using best earplugs for musicians then every musician must be able to protect hearing.

We have the solution we just need help implementing it. Please spread the word and share this.

Check Our Music Earplugs

When we expose our Kids to any dangerous situations, we need to protect them, that only makes sense, Correct? Do we need earplugs for kids? I recently saw an article that described how heavy metal music is a torture method at Guantanamo Bay but that it has since banned as inhumane. It seems that inducing permanent hearing loss is not an acceptable method for interrogation.

Earplugs Hearing Protection for Kids

Are earplugs for kids necessary because there young and sturdy and will heal?

Then my mind switched to an image ingrained in my mind. I was at a Heavy Metal concert with my son. A man was making his way up through the crowd of people and while he had his earplugs in his kids were utterly unprotected!

How can we protect against potential terrorists and yet expose our children to noise that will permanently damage their hearing by not using just a simple earplug?

Our Kids need earplugs. We must educate them when they’re young, so it’s just what you do.

Rember, when you would get, laugh off the block if you wore a bicycle helmet? Now nearly everyone who gets’s on a bicycle puts on a helmet.

How about this new one, FOOTBALL! Kid’s were told to suck it up and get back in there. (this is still a sensitive subject) so we will revisit this one in 20 years.

Seat belts, Really?

My dad would buy 2-3 new cars a year. The first thing we did was to get under the seat and pull the seat belt down through the hole. This way we did not have to sit on it. Then the scandal that if you were wearing a belt buckle. The buckle could hit the seat belt buckle and pop it off. Boy, a lot has changed. Now it’s a significant revenue source for cities.

Those of you that know me understand the passion that I have to eliminate noise-induced hearing loss in children over the next several years. We at Big Ear are developing a strategy that could have a significant impact over the next five years. I’ll be providing updates here as more details become available.