Swimming Earplugs by Big Ear

Here is a great review I just received regarding our new Custom Aqua1 Stereo EarPlug and are Swimming Audio Earplugs.

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Thought I would give you a review on my new Big Ear Swimming Audio Earplugs and after 6 weeks of use, I can safely say these are by far the best swim audio plugs I have ever used and I have been through a lot of different audio earplugs. Your custom earplugs are extremely clear with great sound stage for an underwater ear plug. I have been asked if they are worth the money. I can unequivocally say yes. Additionally they stay in place during flip turns, and after you put them in you don’t need to adjust them. This is paramount when you are trying to do 45 mins to an hour of uninterrupted swimming.
Again great job!

Best regards,
David S.

If you spend extended time in the pool or in any water related sport, this will be a perfect enhancement. Give me a call to get more information 719-271-9081.