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Cycling Ear Plugs, are cyclists at risk of hearing loss?

Cyclists tend to dismiss wind noise as simply just a part of riding, more or less ignoring the issue entirely. In a study by Dr. Seidman, an American ear surgeon, he conducted an investigation to determine whether wind noise can potentially cause hearing loss.

His results concluded that even an hour bicycle ride could result in permanent hearing damage. Hearing loss is accumulative
and is irreversible.


Cycling Ear Plugs

We have a range of custom products made for both professional riders seeking to get ahead of their game and occasional riders looking to tune in to their favorite jams while cycling.

5 reasons why Cycling earplugs provide the best hearing protection

1. They have a variety of options.

We offer full stop earplugs that block most sounds and filtered earplugs that allow hearing of surroundings. If you want to listen to music while protecting your ears, products with those features are also available. Choose from a range of high-quality options.

2. Hearing protection is the top priority.

All of our custom earplugs function primarily to safeguard hearing. So, no matter which product you select, your hearing is guaranteed to be protected.

3. They fit perfectly.

Custom earplugs are crafted to take the shape of the user’s ears. Therefore, you will never have trouble wearing them because they will fit perfectly every time. Plus, you will get the exact noise reduction you want because the earplugs will be sealed around your ear canal.

4. They last for years!

There is no need to worry about replacing them every so often. They are durable and easy to maintain, so one pair will last for a very long time.

5. They are an investment.

While it is true that Custom Ear Plugs cost more than generic earplugs, each pair ensures durability, quality, and convenience that last for years. After feeling the custom difference, you will know that they are worth every penny.

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Our Custom Cycling Ear Plugs

Big Ear offers the best custom earplug experience for all kinds of cyclists.

Full stop earplugs – Offer complete hearing protection against wind, noise, and foreign bodies, perfect for focused riding.

Filtered earplugs – This comes in different decibel cut filters to get the user’s desired level of sound, recommended for those who want situational awareness.

Earbuds with stereo or Bluetooth capability – Enjoy music or wireless connectivity while riding.

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