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Best noise-canceling earplugs

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Whether you are looking for earplugs for sleeping, custom fit, noise-canceling, motorcycling, or even shooting, we have the information that will help you make the best decision in finding the right product to fit your needs. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Do you want a full stop or full block earplug?
  • Do you want a filtered earplug?
  • Are you interested in protecting your hearing while listening to music?
  • Do you prefer wired earplugs or Bluetooth ones?
How to choose

Choosing Best noise canceling earplugs, Words from CEO and Founder Glenn Hood

“I have dedicated my life since 2003 to create the very best custom hearing protection products. It stemmed from a problem that I had because of all the generic products I used blowing out at high speeds or fitting improperly. This was alarming, as wind noise usually reaches over 105dB at 85 mph and doubles while riding Hayabusa’s. The wind had absolutely destroyed my hearing; most of all, it had become difficult to enjoy my rides.

“When I walked into the community center in Sturgis in 2002, my life changed forever. After the long ride from Colorado without a helmet, it felt like my ears were bleeding. I met Gary Gordon, who singlehandedly changed my life that day; since then, I have been eternally grateful for that opportunity.

He was an audiologist on a mission to protect people’s hearing one person at a time. At that time, he was selling his hand-mixed old school custom earplugs, and I have to say that it was the best $85.00 I have ever spent. My purchase felt like a religious experience, even though it was just a set of earplugs.

“Over the next year, I enjoyed riding my motorcycle again. But I realized that I could provide this feeling to my fellow riders who were looking for something better than just generic foamies or uncomfortable head screw earplugs. This began my relationship with premium noise-canceling earplugs.

“I decided that I would develop a business where I could spend all my time-solving problems with hearing protection and create high-quality solutions for my fellow riders. Fast forward to the present when there are now dozens of custom hearing protection companies in the world, and the technology had massively changed from what we used when we started.

We’ve adapted to the changing times, but what’s always remained at the core of what we do is our care for our customers and providing the best products with the best customer service.”

Best Noise-Cancelling Earplugs and More

Big Ear is Here to Help

Our mission is to assist you in either finding the right earplugs or, at the very least, providing information about current trends in the world of personal custom hearing protection.

We hope that as you go through each section of this page, you would become more enlightened of the options in the market and maybe even change your mind to considering premium custom earplugs as part of your protective gear.

We will take a journey through simple custom noise-canceling earplugs to high-tech hearing protection solutions, including true noise-canceling earplugs, filtered earplugs, and even electronic hearing protection.

It takes time and patience to consider earplugs most suited for your purpose. At Big Ear, we understand your needs, and we want you to get the best product you deserve.

At first glance, custom hearing protection seems expensive – it is. However, the cost of protecting one of the most important senses – hearing – is an investment.

Damage to hearing due to long term exposure to noise pollution has even a higher price to pay.

Therefore, it is important to protect our ears while we can still hear as early as possible.

Make an informed choice.

Find out more about the Buying Cycle and the Learning Curve.

Time to get

So you think you are ready for your best custom earplugs? Well, you can choose from a wide range of options for your lifestyle. We have the best ear protection for shooting, sleeping, motorcycle riding, and a lot more!

Learn more about choosing the right earplugs.

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Big Ear on Track

We just completed the Trans-Am race and what we saw took our breaths away. More than 90% of parents who came to the event with their children did not provide their kids with any type of noise-canceling hearing protection.

Very few had earmuffs or earplugs of any kind. Some approached our booth and asked for a free set of foam earplugs from time to time. What made them consider wearing earplugs was the loud sounds produced by F1 cars reaching up to 120 dB.

We were blown away by the lack of awareness of the importance of hearing protection. It was so frustrating to see that the only hearing protection they had was from merely covering their ears. It was likely that many had tinnitus after that event.

This is why we all need to spread hearing conservation awareness.

Trans Am Car Races

Trans Am Car Races

Kids Earplug
Earplugs for

Modern technology has brought us many conveniences in our daily living. Numerous devices are continuously developed with each one better than the previous one. As a result, it has become inevitable for children to access different gadgets at an earlier age. Nowadays, we can see many youngsters immersed in their phones and tablets for prolonged periods. Parental guidance is a must, especially for viewing online content. However, audio protection should not be overlooked. Now more than ever, parents should be cautious of their children being overexposed to noise. Hearing damage is no small thing; in fact, it is considered as a significant impairment. Hence, children should be protected as early as possible.

Learn more about choosing earplugs for kids.