Marching Band Ear Plugs

Why Do We Need Marching Band Ear Plugs?

This is a question that has been ignored for too long. You may also ask why you need it now when you have endured not wearing hearing protection for the marching band for a long time.

We’re here to tell you that it’s never too late to protect your ears from imminent hearing damage. After working with Dr. Weiss, Director of Bands at the University of South Carolina, as well as with hundreds of musicians at the university, we were able to get to the root cause of why marching band members prefer not to protect their hearing.

After spending five years understanding why musicians choose not to wear hearing protection, we approached this problem by enlisting musicians to help guide our prototype phase and refine our products to match their demands to create the very best Marching Band Ear Plugs.

By experiencing music through performers’ ears as they choreograph and plan for months before performing, we concluded that most earplugs on the market simply don’t work for musicians. There were occlusion issues, a back pressure that is felt in your forehead while playing, and a feeling of isolation when a traditional hearing protection device was worn.

Etymotic tried for years to develop an earplug that a musician would wear. Still, after interview after interview with the military marching band members and so may professional musicians, it was unanimous that they did own a musician hearing protection device but would never wear it because of all of the effects they caused.

Many were embarrassed but could not play effectively with the current marching band earplugs available on the market today.

Hence, with all the information we have, we developed the best earplugs for marching band members and musicians alike. We patented a solution that will allow you to have total situational awareness while protecting one of your most crucial assets: your hearing.

What We Do

Marching Band Ear Plugs

There are thousands of collegiate marching bands in the US alone and countless others worldwide, all of whom must have a hearing conservation program. This means that bands must compete to keep their music program alive and fully funded.

With this in mind, we provide schools the most cost-effective means of informing students about the importance of hearing conservation and the tools to protect them from the dangerous decibels they face daily. The process is straightforward – we visit your school to discuss your hearing conservation goals for your band and create an individualized plan for your program.

As fellow music lovers, we want to do whatever is possible to safeguard you from hearing damage and assist you in pursuing your interest in music.

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The Best Marching Band Ear Plugs have been Four Years in the Making.

For four years now, we have been working directly with the University of South Carolina, University of Delaware, Michigan State University, and Northern Illinois University.

During this time, we have developed and patented our custom marching bands earplugs called The One®. It is our ambition to solve issues that musicians have regarding wearing hearing protection.

We found out that the major problem is the lack of adequate hearing protection for musicians, especially while practicing for prolonged periods of time. Even band directors and other staff who OSHA requires to wear hearing protection do not wear them as they claim not to hear the music, tonality, colorfully, and have situational awareness while playing completely.

Our findings’ heartbreaking result is that 60% of all incoming freshmen have ringing in their ears, and 70% have noise-induced hearing damage.

Until now, it had been impossible for them to protect their hearing while doing their job. With our customized marching band earplugs, having possible long-term hearing problems is now preventable.

Incoming USC freshman video

If USC is performing hearing tests for their students, shouldn’t your school too?

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