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Power Sport Earplugs lets you enjoy the natural sounds of your ride without damaging your ears.

With the Noise Breaker Power Sports Earplugs, you can hear the surroundings without being exposed to potentially destructive wind sound or other sounds over 120 decibels.

Feel safe and hear the off-roads

You can select your left or right ear mono plug and noise-breaker combination earplugs with the selection of power sport earplugs. You can listen to the action while ensuring you can communicate with a Motorola radio.

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Custom Earplugs

Stop Tinnitus and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Filtered Hearing Protection



Protection While in Action

Your hearing could get damaged while riding without a helmet because of the wind. But, even if you do wear a helmet, your ears still need protection. This is where our power sport custom earplugs come in.

Aside from providing protection, our custom earplugs keep bacteria from the environment away from your ears. This is because our high-quality Sani-cast™ material and Sani-mold™ process do not allow for bacteria transmission.

So, whatever your lifestyle activity is, you are guaranteed to have a blast without compromising your hearing.

Big Ear is happy to come to your group event.

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