Custom Industrial Earplugs

Full Stop Maximum Protection

Industrial Hearing ProtectionGuardian Transformer Guardian Max Guardian Vanquisher

Every industrial product we offer will allow you to solve any hearing conservation problem you have.

Custom Industrial Earplugs


When it comes to the top of the line our Guardian Max is the most hearing protection in a full stop hearing protector at 30  decibels

The Guardian max is handcrafted by the expert hands of our choice labs, this product is built to last and will provide perfect hearing protection for years to come. The options you have when ordering this model are as follows,

  • Company color match
  • With or without a lanyard
  • The lanyard can be fixed or removable
  • A lanyard can be nylon Strength cord or Quite vinyl
  • Pure hypoallergenic Medical-grade Silicone
  • Option for metal detection
  • 1-year warranty

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