Industrial Hearing Protection

Custom Industrial Hearing Protection  for any budget

There are many options for fitting your employees with Custom Industrial Hearing Protection that will keep your employees safe and won’t break the bank.

Due to improper hearing conservation training and in many companies cases a total disregard for any proper hearing conservation at the workplace, there is a rise in workman compensation lawsuits for hearing damage incurred while at work. And with many more on the horizon, a one size fits all solution usually does not work, and can actually cause workers more problems than once thought.

And in many cases, the manner in which companies dispose of their used earplugs has shown to have an extremely negative impact on the environment.

In response to these haphazard and irresponsible on-site hearing conservation solutions, we offer many solutions for Industrial Hearing Protection.

Outfitting your staff is simple and we have created three solutions to your hearing conservation issues that can be read below :

  • $$$$ The most costly choice you have. We will make impressions at your facility and build in our lab and deliver 4 weeks later and is our premium Industrial Hearing Protection Unit.
  • $$$ Our Industrial Hearing protection also made from a set of impression and delivered in 4 weeks.
  • $$ This is the most cost-effective solution and limits liability as well.  We make custom solid earplugs at your facility with or without a lanyard and deliver them the next day.
  • $ The least expensive custom Industrial Hearing Protection as you will be in a  partnership with us.  You become a provider of our earplugs and make the earplugs for your people at your facility and deliver them to your people.

Industrial Hearing Protection, Not Over Protection


Our top of the line in fully convertible Industrial Hearing Protection is the Big Ear One. It is the swiss army knife of all hearing protection.

You select the different dB reduction filters that fit the job at hand.

with our color coordinated filters, you can choose between a 9 dB a 15 dB a 20 dB a 25 dB or a full stop 32 dB filter.

when you need different dB reductions our premium set will allow you to choose your decibel reduction by providing all of our interchangeable filters.

These are Perfect for upper management who wear Industrial Hearing Protection and have to do plant tours while being in and out of the office and be fully situational aware.

Industrial Hearing Protection


The backbone of our company is our Custom Industrial Hearing Protection Ear Plugs that we make on site. These are solid earplugs that create a full stop reduction of 28 decibels without interchangeable filters.

We can easily do more than 100 sets per day.

  • Chose between 9 different colors
  • Fit time is less than 5 minutes per person
  • Hypoallergenic medical grade silicone
  • Shrink and Tear resistant
  • With or without a lanyard
  • Removable lanyard available
  • 3-year warranty

Industrial Hearing Protection


The final option is for you to become a provider of custom industrial hearing protection, and make earplugs for your own employees. This is the most convenient choice for your company as you will have an employee specifically trained in the art of making the impressions which will allow you to have direct contact with an individual at your location who can solve any questions or issues that arise with your products without having to plan a visit with our install team.

You provide the labor and we provide the training, support, warranty and materials for the super budget minded.

We will train one individual who is good with their hands and can learn a physical skill quickly from your staff, they will learn the art of how to make an impression and sign a provider agreement and they will then be able to create  Custom Industrial Hearing Protection, with filters for less than $39.99 per set. 

With a 3 year Warranty.

How to chose the right earplugs

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