Swimming Ear Plugs

With our newest family of Swimming Ear Plugs, you are equipped with a zero decibel reduction plug to simply keep the water out of your ears.

We also have a simple Swimming Ear Plug that works as hearing protection if you would like to block out 28 – 32 decibels and focus on beating your PR.

Swimming Ear Plugs are also available for surfers and shallow snorkel divers to keep out the water. They are made with a diaphragm that will allow the pressure to equalize easier when diving.

Our Swimming Ear Plugs will let you avoid getting water in your ears if you have tubes or get chronic ear infections.

We also offer the softest durometer earplug ever made.

We are the official Ear Plug for the YMCA

Why Have Chronic Swimmers Ear

Once you get an ear infection it is very easy to develop Chronic Swimmers Ear. A simple set of custom Swimming Ear Plugs will keep yourself or your kids safe all day, goggles and swim caps not included.

Block the Water, Not the SOUND

Our Custom Swimming Ear Plugs are made for professional swimmers, water polo players the occasional lap swimmer or ocean lover. Our newest product is designed to block out the water allow you to be alert but free from ear infections.

When you finally get that perfect wave

With our newest Custom Swimming Ear Plugs you can visit the sea with an added sense of comfort and confidence knowing that when the wave hits, your Swimming Ear Plugs will absorb the hit and fully protect you.

With the latest rendition of Our Custom Swimming Ear Plugs, we designed them with an adjustable inner diaphragm that absorbs the pressure which will allow them to move with your ear when you get crushed and rolled which will ensure that they will not fall out and turn into sunken treasure.

 For less than the cost of a visit to the doctor, you can prevent ear infections with a simple set of Custom Swimming Ear Plugs.

I remember living in Florida with my young family Florida and being extremely acute to the risk of my children drowning due to the presence of water the lake in my backyard and all the pools that my friends had. So we took our son Munch and taught him how to swim before he could walk.

Drowning was the leading cause of death in infants (ARTICLE) and This was not a statistic I wanted any part of. But by introducing him to water at a young age my son got an ear infection after just getting through Collic. Custom Baby Swimming Ear Plugs would have prevented this. My children are grown now but he still uses earplugs every time he swims, I wanted to share this with other families and spare them the pain that comes when your child is in pain that is easily prevented.

Big Ear is available to make custom Swimming Ear Plugs at all of your events.

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