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The Need for Hearing Protection While Skydiving

Most skydiving enthusiasts enjoy the rush of the wind and surge of adrenaline. There is nothing more exhilarating than the feeling of almost flying and being weightless for a few minutes.

Like most sports, skydiving requires the right gear and preparation for safety. Often times, even with the adequate amount of protection for our bodies, we forget some very important things that we also have to look out for – in this case, our hearing.

The most common skydiving injury is totally invisible.

A popular misconception is that a skydiving injury usually results in a jumper on crutches because of a sprained ankle or a broken leg, but this isn’t actually the case. The most common injury affecting skydivers is hearing damage as a result of wind speed.

Skydiving can result in hearing damage.

Without any hearing protection, skydivers are at risk for irreversible hearing damage, tinnitus, and noise-induced hearing loss. This could lead to lifelong pain and discomfort.
Our customized products can help protect your hearing without compromising the quality of your adventure.

The One® Skydiving Earplugs

The One® earplugs are specially made and patented to provide hearing protection so that skydivers can prevent themselves from having hearing damage but still be able to communicate with their team and hear everything around them perfectly. This spatial awareness provided by the dual filter system reduces loud sounds without giving the “plugged up” feeling you may get from using generic earplugs.

Hearing protection starts the moment you slip on a pair. With the earplugs on, you can be aware of your surroundings, participate in conversations, and equalize pressure through a vented system. Aside from the dual filter system, the earplugs’ technology allows you to easily change the pressure on the ride up and upon rapid descent.

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Wind noise is one of the leading causes of noise-induced hearing damage in skydiving, and it must be prevented at all costs. Our patented earplugs interpret noises entering the ears and only allow harmless sounds to pass through so that high frequencies are filtered out.


Wind tunnels are amazing and bring an incredible rush. It is highly recommended to wear hearing protection here because the sounds inside can exceed 115 to 130 decibels, causing permanent hearing loss in seconds without earplugs.

With The One® earplugs, you can avoid hearing damage! We also have many other options, from full-stop earplugs to Bluetooth-enabled sets.

This is the only way to fly!

How Do the Skydiving Earplugs Work?

The One® earplugs use two filters: a primary filter and a secondary filter. The primary filter reduces the noise from entering the earplugs. This includes loud noises from aircraft engines and voices of people. When these noises reach the second filter, reduced sounds only pass through. This allows hearing sounds at a sound pressure of 85 decibels, a level just below OSHA’s permissible exposure limit for all workers for an 8-hour day.

The secondary filter separates all loud noises that can cause excess pressure to the ears, which could further lead to tinnitus or hearing loss for those who are unprotected.

What Do You Get with the Skydiving Earplugs?

When you buy The One® Premium Series, you will get four sets of filters that work within the skydiving earplugs system. You will also receive one set of non-linear skydiving earplugs and one tactical piece for radio communication. Plus, one lanyard and a premium case to safely store skydiving earplugs are also included.

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