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Block the water, not the sound

With our newest addition of swimming earplugs, you can keep water out of your ears without any sound reduction. You can still listen to the sound of the sea and hear your surroundings.

If you want to block water and protect your hearing from noise, there are swimming earplugs that can reduce sound pressures to only 28 to 32 decibels. This is recommended for competitors who need to stay focused on their sport or game.

From surfers, shallow snorkel divers to individuals who want to enjoy the waters, we have a range of available products for your needs. Our Swimming Earplugs are created with a diaphragm to equalize pressure when diving easily.

Plus, we also offer the softest durometer earplug ever!

Swimming Earplugs are eardrum protection.

Is ear protection for swimming important? The answer is a big YES. We may not notice it, but water, even in small amounts, can enter the ear canal while doing water activities. The combination of moisture, water, and humidity can eliminate the protective ear wax that lines the ear canal and increase the pH level inside, increasing vulnerability to infection.

Preventing Ear Infections

Otitis externa, more commonly known as “swimmer’s ear,” is highly associated with recreational and professional swimmers alike. There are many bacterial agents frequently isolated in those diagnosed. Moreover, this disease can easily become a chronic one if the ears are repeatedly infected.

Thankfully, this can be prevented by wearing a simple set of custom swimming earplugs that properly fit and effectively keep the water out.

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Ride the waves worry-free

With our newest custom swimming earplugs, you can visit the sea with an added sense of comfort and confidence knowing that when the wave hits, your earplugs will stay in place to protect your ears. The custom design has an adjustable inner diaphragm that absorbs the pressure of the water so that they move with your ear when crushed and rolled.

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