insects found in-ear

Terrible insects found in-ear of a young man

This is a story from China about how insects are found in-ear and what they did about it. More and more are being reported. Because medical in the US is confidential most stories never make it to print. But the word is getting out that more there are issues of insects being removed from people’s ears.

These thoughts and images are not for the faint at heart and the viewer’s caution is advised. While we sleep is one of the scariest times one has. That’s why we have locks, alarms, dogs, guns and many other personal protection devices.

Who would have thought a simple creepy Crawley can cause so much terror when we sleep? We know how to prevent this. We will cover the preventive solution here later.

REprint of the article:

By Mesheeka Das

Everyone knows that ‘ear’ is a very sensitive part of the human body. The slightest discomfort in the ear makes a person uncomfortable. However, the 24-year-old Elvie of China will have to be hersed in whose ears the cockroaches have made a home and he did not have any idea. One day last month, when severe pain arose, he reached the ENT doctor. He told the doctor that he felt as if something was crawling in his ear and he was munching it. After this, the process of investigations started.

According to media reports, when examined closely by the doctor at Sneh Hospital in Huang district of Guangdong province, his senses were blown. The doctor said that the cockroaches have made your ear their home. The ENT (nose-ear-throat doctor) expert said that during the investigation they found more than 10 Cockroach live children who were roaming around inside the ear. According to the doctor, the color of the children was lighter as compared to the black and brown female cockroaches.

For the conclusion of this story click here.

Because we are a High-Performance hearing protection company it really is about education on getting the right earplug to fit your ears.

Here is a great article on finding the right earplug for you.

There are so many stories of insect issues found in the ears that just horrify most people. I think the main reason is that we are really helpless as we are fast asleep. One of the best examples of this is Freddy Kruger. He attacks us in our dreams when we can do anything to fight him off and bugs and other Crawley creatures are perceived the same way.

A horrifying moment as insects found in-ear, spider crawls out of a woman’s ear at doctors in India


How To Prevent this

Most people are led to believe that somehow the wax in your ears prevents bugs from stealthfully crawling in your ears and living or worse yet, the unthinkable! Carefully crawling in and laying eggs that at some point will grow and hatch and you will lose your mind.

I’m creeped out just thinking about it as I write this. So so many have tried the cheap earplugs, but most of the issue is they are made of memory foam and every so slightly expand, and try and expand, and keep trying and all this expansion is so irritating after just 5 minutes of use.

This is why we provide a solution that is custom made just to the exact shape and contour to your ears.

It is like a wedding dress off the rack or a custom wedding dress.

Some don’t mind because it simply is not worth the extra expense and sure a lot have to buy a few dresses in their lifetime. Custom earplugs work the same way. It is an effort to get an impression made and then we tailor it to fit your ears perfectly. No excused it is just perfect.

So since insects found in-ear is not what you want to hear about why you are going crazy you have the power to stop this.

Here is the buying cycle normally of custom Earplugs.  After reading this article it should be much quicker because who whats this happening to them.


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