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It was while on the vacation of a lifetime out in sturgis I came across the Big Ear tent and purchased a set of Custom Molded Solid Earplugs to replace the cheap foam earplugs I normally used. It was the very next day after realizing what a difference these earplugs made that I went back and made the investment in a set of BC-1’s. I finished off my trip wishing i had my new stereo earplugs for the ride, but anxiously waited until they showed up in the mail back home in Massachusetts. Now that I have them I use them in every possible way you can use them. They have become a must have part of my motorcycle experience…both street riding and dirt. I use them at work, I use them while mowing my lawn..i use them constantly with such great comfort and sound clarity I couldn’t be happier, what other ear plugs can you wear for hours at a time with no discomfort. I did have the unfortunate experience of having my BC-1s disappear off of my desk one day and without hesitation called Glenn and made arrangements for a new pair to be made. ( I was impressed that even after quite a few years, I think about 10, they still had my mold for a new set) So back in business with my BC-1s life continues one for a very loyal Big Ear user. I have recommended everyone I know to think about the great value and purchase a pair for several reasons. Hearing protection as well as the great comfort and pleasure of riding while being able to listening to music without the wind noise you get from whatever style of riding you do. I cant say enough about Big Ear and the products they make and service they offer and after 16 years of constant use…they are still as valuable to me as the day I bought them. I still use the solid plugs too…but my BC-1s are worth their weight in gold…I can promise you wont be sorry you bought a pair. If you are unsure if they are for you and you dont want to take my word…Just call and talk to Glenn.

Michael Wood
Several years ago, my husband and I invested in the original big ears……After the initial investment (which may seem like a lot of $, but soooooo worth it!!) I couldn’t believe it…….WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?!?!?! Love to listen to music as I ride. So a couple years ago, I was having a little trouble with my original set (after 5 years of using them), and decided to upgrade to the BE-2. The difference is nite and day. Again, I was kicking myself for not doing this sooner. A year later we upgraded my husbands big ears too. We both love them! Whether we are on our motorcycles, or the lawn mower the sound is awesome!!!!

Sooooooo Worth It!
Cathy and Wayne Warnke
I had seen BIG EARS at previous bike shows. This year, I decided to get a pair – but just the BE-SP to start with. I have a VERY loud motorcycle, at times, my own ears will ring for hours after a long ride. Now that I have BIG EARS, I no longer have the ringing and I can now hear the music (and that’s saying something with 4 – 160WATT speakers!). I enjoy riding more! It cuts down the wind noise, significantly reduces the sounds from the pipes and filters the noise such that I can enjoy good music AND riding. I look forward to this years trip across country with BIG EARS! I’m grateful that I had decided to purchase two sets in case I loose one during the long ride.

I have 2 two sets of Big Ear ear monitors. First set a basic wired set and recently purchased the BT Wireless set. I primarily purchased these for use under a Full Face Helmet for Motorcycle riding/touring. I don’t like to be ‘tethered’ to my bike, (tangles, distractions etc) so when the BT set became available I jumped at the opportunity to purchase them. Very comfortable within the confines of a helmet, something I was initially worried about, but no problems what so ever. They are a tad pricey I must say, but the sound and build quality will make you want to use them again and again. And in the end the price will seem minimal. I use them for all my ‘gadgets’ that require ‘ear buds’. Just remember to do clean them after each use to continue getting the highest quality of sound and comfort from them. Take care of them and they will take care of you.

Chris Potter
I’d like to take a moment to thank you for my ear plugs. As an avid motorcyclist I learned early the importance of hearing protection. I’d come off my bike after only short rides and have hearing trouble or ringing ears. I quickly turned to inexpensive plugs. They worked great so long as I didn’t wear a helmet. Because their profile protruded past my lobes, I was forever unseating them simply by donning my lid. They either pushed out immediately and I had to repeat the whole process, or they’d unseat just enough to be rendered useless at the slightest turn of the head or helmet adjustment. If I didn’t manage to get them in my helmet they hurt my ears on long rides. My new custom fit plugs have none of these problems. They go in fast, don’t get fouled when I put on my helmet, don’t require nearly the adjusting or fidgeting, stay put AND they’re completely unnoticeable even during the longest of rides. These are in my are ears almost every day and are the best investment in motorcycle gear I’ve made. I highly recommend them to every rider.

Dear Big Ear
Jimmy Vakas
I hate to admit it as I got the headphones about a wk ago but just took them out of the package, and tried them for the first time today- what an upgrade, unbelievable! Glenn, I am so pleased, can’t wait to get the rest of the order but these friggen things are amazing.  I loved the BE1C’s but I kind of wonder how I would ever be able to go back to them, the BE2C’s fit perfectly off of the original moulds taken in 2006 and that was a real concern of mine as well.  Good going keep it up.

Bruce Erdman
Good Going Keep it UP!

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“I had the chance to talk to this young man while at Americade. I spoke with a ton of vendors there. His presentation was succinct and direct. As a retired Navy Corpsman, I understand the importance of protecting our hearing. I offered to make them a video and do a review after using their product for at least a month, and they graciously hooked me up with some custom earplugs. Really nice people to talk with and work with.”


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