The Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2020 Hearing Protection will be available

The Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2020 Hearing Protection

If you are looking for Custom Motorcycle Ear Plugs, just contact me by text 719-271-9081, and I will meet you and a friend at the door and get you into the show for free. By coming in free this year, it will help defer the cost of your Custom Ear Plugs that we can make on-site and to help pay for them.

The Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2020

So do your research and gather all your information, then come by our booth, and you will see that we are a different kind of hearing protection company.

We are motorcycle riders first, and that is in the hearing protection business, and we protect our riders.

As innovators in the hearing protection world, we hold many patents on hearing protection devices in a lot of different product applications.

Our mission has been to protect the motorcycle riding community, continually innovating and creating new products as the technology changes.

We are always on the lookout for new distributors who want to give themselves to a selfless cause and carry all our products throughout the Edmonton area this year.  We have made contacts that want us to provide hearing protection to the many motorcycle dealers in the area, so we are looking for providers who can help with this effort.

Clicking the link will bring you to more information on becoming a big ear provider.

How about a side hustle?

Best Home Based Business.

Below are our most popular hearing protection solutions for motorcycle riders at the Edmonton Motorcycle show this year.

  1. We make a solid motorcycle earplug on-site delivered to you same day
  2. Our Lab made Super Soft custom motorcycle earplugs
  3. Filtered Ear Plug impressions made on-site to build at our labs
  4. Custom Stereo In-Ear Motorcycle Ear Buds on display to see and understand
  5. Bluetooth Adapter Solution For all makes of Ear Buds
  6. Custom Convertible Stereo In-Ear Ear Buds, If you are looking for a simple custom earplug to block out up to 33db of sound, a filtered earplug to hear all the sound around you.
  7. You can use them at work as all of our products meet and exceed all the OSHA standards.


We put together this article on How to choose the right earplugs.

Here is a comprehensive Video on the products available from Big Ear at The Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2020 Hearing Protection


Custom Earplugs

Nec Birmingham Custom Ear Plugs

Custom Earplugs For Motorcycle Riders For Use under your Helmet




Big Ear’s Own Super Soft Custom Motorcycle Earplugs

Nec Birmingham Super Soft Custom Motorcycle Earplugs




Here is how simple it is to install a custom set of Ear Plugs

Filtered Ear Plugs

Riding in the city or using existing speakers, you may want spacial awareness without the plugged up feeling that earplugs give you, or if you would like hearing the speakers in your helmet correctly while riding, then The One is the product for you.

Nec Birmingham - Big Ear's The One M.E.T Select Series For Marching Band

(The One®) It is our patented Dual filtered hearing protection device that allows you to hear everything around while being fully protected perfectly.






How The Filtered Ear Plug Works

See all the options here

Custom Stereo In-Ear Motorcycle Ear Buds

Since 2003 we have created many models levels of durability and sound quality to choose from, so make sure to stop and check them all out.

Included at our booth will be Our Flagship Custom Stereo Motorcycle Headset.

We developed this in 2004 and have sold over 100,000 sets to motorcycle riders all over the world. With the plugs fit flush in the ear bowl, allowing for even the tightest helmet to glide over it. It also has Kevlar lined cables and has a double knotted strain relief to prevent cable failure.

Custom Stereo In-Ear Motorcycle Ear Buds

Our FLAGSHIP BE-1C’S More info here

Bluetooth Solution For all makes of Ear Buds

Now with our newest durable Go Blue Bluetooth unit, you can use any of our wired headsets and make them Bluetooth in seconds.

Nec Birmingham Mini Bluetooth Receiver Adapter Stereo






Watch the video below, and here is more info on this amazing Go Blue unit.



If you’re looking for better sound quality, then the next step is our Dual Driver with Extra Bass

Custom Convertible Stereo In-Ear Ear Buds

Come and see at Montreal Motorcycle Show Hearing Protection, the newest innovation From Big Ear our Custom Convertible Stereo In-Ear earbuds that allow you to make a choice.

See how they work then make your Choice.

We will make your impressions on-site and build them and deliver them in about five weeks.

With our Dual Driver, triple driver, and now our Famous five drivers with extra Bass.

How Big Ear’s Convertible’s Work


Dual Driver Convertible

NEC Birmingham Custom Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Convertible To Wired {Triple Driver}

Custom Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Convertible To Wired {Dual Driver}





Triple Driver Convertible

Big Ear convertible Triple driver


The Big 5 Convertible Unit

What are transducers











Testimonial for the convertible series Tom Bradley

The Edmonton Motorcycle Show 2020 – Hearing Protection

Edmonton is an area of Canada that we are looking at adding two more providers to serve our customers this year. If this is a consideration, please read the information, and let’s talk.

How to become a Big Ear Provider?


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