Hans Peterson was sentenced to life in prison following a trial on the … His defense that he was influenced by the drug Accutane

Hans Peterson Goes On Trial for the Murder of Dr. David Cornbleet:

When I first saw this on dateline a few years ago I never drew the conclusion of how the side effects of taking Accutane and causing Tinnitus destroyed this man’s life. He only took a few doses for his acne and instantly the ringing in his ear started, along with a few other side effects that he spent the next 4 years of his life trying to come to terms with his new normal.

Before you read further open this link and click on the 4,000 HTZ or 7,500 HTZ and if you were to get this from a simple pill…….

See if you can read the rest of the article with this sound in the background?????? Can YOU?????

Did you hear the devastation that Tinnitus is? It will make you take pause.

I would say that it was just a normal doctor’s visit in Chicago that day and when he was prescribed Accutane and just took them with probably out any regard to understanding what the true side effects could be.

I myself had a similar experience with Floxin in 1997 and after the second dose the ringing started and to this day it is only worse.

It was sad that he chose his actions. but was so destroyed by what had happened to him that he took 4 years to plot and murder the doctor that had caused his Tinnitus with a simple pill.

This was just said in the news story that Kate Snow did on her new Show Relentless. It is an amazing show done well showing how hard everyone worked to find out why someone would violently murder there Father and husband. In the show, they just wanted answers why but they never really went into detail on why just that he did not get enough jail time for what he did.

Hans Peterson was suffering so bad from these tragic side effects that he could not live a normal life that in his mind if he were to stop this person from hurting another person that would be the only thing he could do.

He was so convinced that he gave up his own life to plot and plan to put an end to this and even went as far as a backup plan if he were caught to spend his time in a French Prison and not a US prison.

How could Tinnitus Cause this from a side effect?

Can you imagine how bad the ringing in his head must be? I understand as I  and millions of others live with it every day. Drug side effects are no joke. We are living in a very pharmaceutical time where Big Pharma rules, and they do warn you of the side effects and we have become a society that if a doctor says it’s ok just take it.

So what is the take away from this strategy? We can’t bring the doctor back and many were damaged just from the simple act of taking a simple harmless-looking pill.

Earplugs grant better sleep

You need to really sit down with your doctor when they want to prescribe you something and really talk with them about all the possible side effects and see if there is a workaround. Often when you read and understand the side effects they are much worse than having the issue you came in for.

Really understand what has just been prescribed because sometimes there is no going back.

Tinnitus is no joke.

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