Earplugs for Kids, Really?

When we expose our Kids to any dangerous situations, we need to protect them, that only makes sense, Correct? Do we need earplugs for kids? I recently saw an article that described how heavy metal music is a torture method at Guantanamo Bay but that it has since banned as inhumane. It seems that inducing permanent hearing loss is not an acceptable method for interrogation.


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1.1 Are earplugs for kids necessary because there young and sturdy and will heal?

Then my mind switched to an image ingrained in my mind. I was at a Heavy Metal concert with my son. A man was making his way up through the crowd of people and while he had his earplugs in his kids were utterly unprotected!

1.1.1 How can we protect against potential terrorists and yet expose our children to noise that will permanently damage their hearing by not using just a simple earplug?

Our Kids need earplugs. We must educate them when they’re young, so it’s just what you do.

Rember, when you would get, laugh off the block if you wore a bicycle helmet? Now nearly everyone who gets’s on a bicycle puts on a helmet.

How about this new one, FOOTBALL! Kid’s were told to suck it up and get back in there. (this is still a sensitive subject) so we will revisit this one in 20 years.

Seat belts, Really?

My dad would buy 2-3 new cars a year. The first thing we did was to get under the seat and pull the seat belt down through the hole. This way we did not have to sit on it. Then the scandal that if you were wearing a belt buckle. The buckle could hit the seat belt buckle and pop it off. Boy, a lot has changed. Now it’s a significant revenue source for cities.

Those of you that know me understand the passion that I have to eliminate noise-induced hearing loss in children over the next several years. We at Big Ear are developing a strategy that could have a significant impact over the next five years. I’ll be providing updates here as more details become available.

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