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Dental Hearing Protection and why Dentists face a high risk of tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss

Did you know that an average of 37% of all dentists suffers from tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss?

This means that a lack of hearing protection while performing dental procedures can put dentists and their staff at risk for irreversible hearing damage, tinnitus, and or even complete hearing loss. This leads to a lifetime of pain and discomfort, worker’s compensation claims, a shorter career, and an overall reduced quality of life.

Of course, besides the workplace, many dentists can also acquire hearing damage from performing other activities.

At Big Ear, we want our customers to be able to protect themselves not only from hazards in the workplace but also from lifestyle activities. This is why we created The One Series Custom Dental Hearing Protection, and it has become the best dental earplug on the market today.

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The One®

The One® is a specialized patented product and the only dental hearing protection in the market that allows dental professionals to hear everything going on around them and hear others clearly while caring for their ears. This spatial awareness created by a dual filter system protects your hearing while allowing you never to feel the “plugged up” feeling that happens when you use other generic forms of hearing protection. You can protect yourself and your entire dental team from permanent hearing damage without compromising your ability to hear the most important parts of your job.

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The One®: A solution to every dentist’s tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss

The noise from dental drilling evokes dread from most dental patients. For dental professionals, drilling is a daily routine and most seem to have adapted to it. This noise is so common that it almost becomes background noise. Various sources of noise include suction and drills that work simultaneously as well as other equipment and chair adjustments.

It cannot be emphasized enough that protecting your hearing is imperative for your health and your career. Through time, the inner ear slowly deteriorates from continuous exposure to irritating noise.

It might start as a constant buzzing or ringing in one or both ears. Escalation to a more serious inability to understand speech is an indication of increased severity.

Our product, The One®, is an innovation that enables dental professionals to properly communicate with their patients while protecting their ears. It filters out and reduces harmful noise and damaging frequencies and allows all natural, harmless sound to pass through the ear. This is the reason it is clearly the best dental earplugs on the market today.

How does it work?

The One® uses two filters: a primary filter and a secondary filter. The primary filter reduces noise entering the dental plug. This includes noise from dental surgery equipment and patient voices. On the other hand, the secondary filter separates all loud noises that cause excess pressure to the ear. When noise reaches the second filter, it only allows natural sounds to move through the plugs. This allows hearing natural voices at a noise pressure of 85 dB, a safe volume level.

What do you get with The One®?

The One® Premium Series comes with four sets of filters that work within the best dental earplugs. It also comes with another set of non-linear plugs and one tactical piece for intra-office communication. Accessories included are a lanyard and a premium case to safely store your earplugs.

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