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Hearing Loss Can Be Prevented

Musician’s Earplugs are becoming a thing. Nowadays, awareness of hearing damage from overexposure to noise is widespread. Noise-induced hearing loss conservation efforts are due to the increase in hearing conservation efforts and education, which gradually have become part of our daily lives.

You have a choice in your musician earplugs, and by providing your children with the best earplugs for musicians, you can teach them about the importance of hearing protection at a young age. More importantly, we can prevent the number of noise-induced hearing loss cases from increasing in the future.

Music definitely plays a big part in our lives; however, there are physical risks that result from overexposure to loud sounds. It is, therefore, our responsibility to secure a healthier future for our children.


In-Ear Monitors

Our in-ear monitors were created using our Perfect Fit Technology™, which offers an advanced fit and sound clarity to every performer and audiophile-level alike.

How do transducers work?

If you are looking for the best musician earplugs, then we have only the top of the line solutions specially designed for every musician there is.

Our Perfect-Fit Technology™ products offer every musician unparalleled protection and performance.

From the school band to the center stage, we have the right musician earplugs for your needs.

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What are the best earplugs for musicians?

The One® for Musicians Explained

More and more individuals are finally recognizing the value of hearing protection.

Children need to be empowered at a young age to protect their hearing. We need to give them the tools (i.e., knowledge and the right earplugs) to do this when things become too loud.

Music is a career for some, while others enjoy it as a hobby. Whatever purpose music plays in our lives, it is our passion that makes us musicians.

Perform at your best while protecting your hearing at the same time.

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Big Ear’s Love for Music

Although we are not performing musicians ourselves, we hold a deep love for the art form.

As audience members at hundreds of live shows every year, we wanted to create products that heighten the concert experience and allow both the audience and the performer to have a more enjoyable experience.

The Big Ear product line is unsurpassed for sound, fit, and quality. Our solid custom earplugs offer hearing protection for everyone. Through research and testing, we have created the best earplugs for musicians.

We offer products that allow you to wear hearing protection while performing without occlusion. We also have in-ear monitors and stereo plugs for audiophiles, local bands, professional performers, and music lovers alike.

Big Ear is happy to come to your group event.

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