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Best golfing hearing protection because we have known for years, and there have been many studies done, confirmed and documented, and still, not many golfers wear hearing protection.

As with the marching band, there is a stigma with how you look, peer pressure, and the cool factor. The issue with golf is the impact sound that repeatedly happens while you practice your stroke. It is the same impulse sound from say, a stamping machine at work, not only the golfer hitting the ball but the caddy and onlookers.

A golfer can get more hearing loss impact sounds than a worker at the mill in a single day.
Then take into account on game day, with all the fans clapping, whistling, and the impact sound over and over again.

There is no regulation governing hearing loss accumulated over and over again, but that may soon change. The PGA did not want an unfair concentration advantage, and there was no product on the market that would protect the golfer and not create an advantage until now.

We have patented a golfing earplug that allows you to hear the grass blow and the birds sing, and when you ping the ball and create the impact sound that causes hearing damage, you will be fully protected.

There is no unfair advantage, but we need to get the awareness out there to stop destroying the golfer’s hearing by baning hearing protection.

Best Golfing Hearing Protection


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Be aggressive in protecting your hearing.

In the riding community, wearing earplugs has been stigmatized as something that only wimps or Sunday riders wear. This falsely held belief is something our company wants to change. However, we can only do this with the cooperation of riders who want to protect themselves and their fellow riders from permanent hearing damage.

We encourage you to educate yourself by reading the articles on this website and, hopefully, researching for additional information in order to be adequately informed whether earplugs should be part of your lifestyle.

It would be unfortunate that this peaceful lifestyle will create hearing damage that will last a lifetime. That is why we created the best golfing hearing protection.

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