Industrial Earplugs

Industrial Earplugs

Industrial Earplugs is our mission, and to provide you, our industrial partners, with the correct earplugs that will help your employees perform at their best at a budget you can afford.

Our approach is simple when it comes to working with our industrial partners to find the right industrial earplugs:

  • Understand the issue at hand
  • Learn about what works for the employees and how we can help
  • Help companies are environment-friendly
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness
  • Provided the correct solution

Get buy-in from all employees for a lifestyle change
While these are extremely ambitious goals, our track record speaks for itself. As a matter of fact, we have provided Industrial Earplugs to some of the largest companies globally. These companies include:

  • Gulfstream Jets
  • Boeing
  • Nestlé Purina PetCare
  • Sealed Air
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

In all of the companies we worked with, we pride ourselves in knowing each member of their organization as well as understanding and meeting their needs. Whenever they have questions or critiques on our products, we are always available to hear feedback. The suggestions and recommendations we receive from our customers help improve our company the most.

In our mission to solve noise-induced hearing loss in the workplace, we seek to form a meaningful relationship with each individual we create our products for and convert them into lifetime users of Industrial Earplugs.

Industrial earplugs protect your hearing

Hearing loss is serious.

It is cumulative, irreversible, and yet, totally preventable.

Let us fit a solution to your lifestyle or work-related problem.

Importance of Industrial Earplugs

Getting the right industrial earplugs is essential. Currently, more workers and whistle-blowers expose massive hearing conservation issues that we have in our nation. Lawsuits and worker’s compensation suits notoriously demonstrate that generic solutions to problems in the workplace do not work.

Now is the time for your company to do the right thing for your employees: provide them the right hearing protection and help them become productive in a safe manner.

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Industrial Earplugs in Industrial Facilities

Personal protection in the workplace such as hard hats, cut-resistant gloves, steel toe boots, safety glasses, and safety protocols such as fall protection and emergency eye flushing stations are essential in keeping your workplace safe.

When reinforced, simple measures become second nature in times of actual danger that can save lives. However, there is one unspoken piece of gear that, when handled incorrectly by employers, can cause irreparable damage to their employees: industrial earplugs.

After visiting industrial facilities across the United States, we found out that many people have little to no awareness of the lifelong risks of hearing loss in the workplace. In most facilities, it is common to find three major violations of hearing conservation compliance. These include:

1. Improper use of industrial earplugs

Frequently, workers either place earplugs into their ear canal without following the roll and squeeze technique, as explained in depth by NIOSH at:

In this case, employees are not fully protected while working. They likely receive a non-quantifiable dose of decibels on a twelve-hour shift that may cause permanent hearing damage or tinnitus.

2. Improper industrial earplug disposal

Another violation found in industrial facilities is the improper disposal of foam roll and squeeze earplugs. Many employees throw their industrial earplugs on the ground or drop them on factory floors.

This has become a rampant problem and a serious workplace hazard and a large scale environmental hazard. Consequently, overspending problems have arisen, including maintenance and machine shutdown time expenses and the hiring crew’s fees for clean-up. This has also led to numerous industrial facilities resorting to posting permanent signs facility-wide to keep their floors clean and safe.

3. Inadequate attention to earwax

The most bothersome violation is the number of employees with excess and/or impacted earwax. In fact, in the facilities we visited, we found that it is common for nearly one-third of the employees whom we make industrial earplugs for (wherein the number of employees in a two-day period ranges from 20 to over a hundred) to have impacted or excess earwax.

The buildup of earwax can lead to conductive hearing loss and other impairments. This is a problem for employees who are required to wear devices in their ear for extended periods of time. In addition, without adequate programs to teach individuals how to manage earwax, prolonged ear discomfort may result.

Sadly, many companies still do not have the proper equipment and appropriate protocols to prevent all this from occurring.

Custom industrial earplugs for your crew

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  2. Identify who should or shouldn’t wear earplugs then count the number of workers who need earplugs
  3. Manage your budget and know how to get your money’s worth

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