Earplugs grant better sleep - but are not without risks - Wrong

This is a head Line I have to address because it’s Crap!

1.1 Earplugs grant better sleep but are not without risks.

Here are all these posts trying to grab headlines and they are all the same.

My opinion is based on more than 50 years in the health care field, not as a doctor but with interaction with doctors in the health care field.

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Here is a direct Quote I’ve seen ranking in blog posts the last few weeks on Google,

“Earplugs are generally safe to use while sleeping. However, it is possible that frequent use can lead to some minor problems in the long run, such as earwax buildup.”

You must first understand that All, not some Doctors are just practicing medicine. They are not scientists; they just observe and report to try and find a solution for a much less educated person. Thats why its recommended to go to multiple doctors before you pursue treatment because its shocking but the first doctor you visit could be…wrong!

Now we have Google which allows us to do our own research and give it to your doctor so you will both be farther ahead. The sad part is most doctors  are about dispensing pills to give hope as the patient slips away slowly.

The only true cure is to excise it cut the disease out, remove it. Treatment is only that; let’s treat the symptom.

So let’s look at this  Statement,

1.2 “Earplugs grant better sleep, but are not without risks.”

Really?!? If you clean your ears out on a consistent basis with an ear wax removal kit from Walmart or have your doctor do it if you’re an over wax producer. Then when you create better hygene solutionsin place, use a custom medical grade hypoallergenic silicone, and you will never get an ear infection.

You will, however, get a good night sleep, be in a better mood, reduce stress, and overall on the way towards a healthier life.

If you do not have good hygiene, and use a generic earplug, then when you leave them out with ear wax on them they will get natural air born germs on them and when you reuse them, you will have risks.

What are you thinking?

If you’re trying to get a good night sleep on the cheap, you get what you get.

Generic earplugs are to be used in an emergency situation not over and over as they simply are just a poor choice and cost way more in the long run.

Yes, we sell custom, and getting them is an involved process because there are no excuses, because they work.

Here is what the take away was on the medical article:

1.3 “Takeaway

Earplugs are a safe and affordable way of getting more good quality sleep. Frequent use of earplugs could lead to a buildup of earwax or an ear infection.

However, the dangers of sleep deprivation are more severe. Sleep deprivation can increase the risk of chronic health conditions and be highly disruptive to normal daily life.

People who are unable to get a good night’s sleep due to excess noise in their environment may benefit from using earplugs.”

Full Original Article: Article

If you just use a Sleeping custom set that you can clean daily with soap and water and manage your ear wax then your problems solved.

Earplugs grant better sleep and will not cause issues if you use custom sleeping earplugs and manage your ear wax. Do the research so start here and learn.

I’ve been in the hearing protection business since 2003 and it bothers me to see non qualified BLOG writers pontificate in an area where they are not qualified. They haven’t spent the time in the heat talking with people who have these problems, they just got an ear infection and decided that they would write an article on earplugs without really becoming an expert in a field. If you’ve made it this far through this rant I want to thank you and remind you to always always always consider the source.

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