Event: CCS/ASRA Modern SportBike Races

CCS/ASRA Modern SportBike Races and Big Ear will be there with Monkey foot Racking. So come by and see Dave and Nick.


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We are looking for people that would like to be new providers in this area.

Come by and mention this ad and get $20.00 off the web price of $85.00 at this event.

Come by our booth at the CCS/ASRA Modern SportBike Races at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and see all our new products.

See the solid earplugs here. If you are looking for an earplug that is legal in all 50 states then you want our interchangeable Motorcycle Filtered Earplugs.

If you need to have tunes or want to plug into your communications you’ve got the see this.

We all know the story if were that guy, We want to wear earplugs, so were at the gas station pull off our helmet and the foam earplugs go flying. Wow, I finally get to take these irritating thing out of my head. we pump gas or maybe even run in first because we have to get back to our bike to get my earplugs back in.

Back at the bike, get gas (hopefully did not get it on my hands as I have to roll my earplugs) to get them back in my ears. Now you working on it for a few minutes, it’s hot and you hope you got them in good and deep this time. You pull on your helmet carefully and the left one comes out, (dam) do it again. Now we’re ready. You get going again and then you get a good crosswind and your helmet lifts up and the left earplugs loosen up, or you yawn when it lifts up and it comes out. We have all had this and so many more stories.

1.1 With Custom Earplugs it only takes 3 secs each side to put them in.

They stay deep and sealed event with the helmet lifting up and furthermore there never is a comfort issue. You wear them all day and night if you sleep in a loud hotel or tent.

When you look at all the suffering that goes with any other option it’s easy to see the value in taking the time and upfront cost ( as foam earplugs are not free) and these last 10+ years.

Now available in all different types to get you exactly what you need.

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