How To Cope With Noise In The Dentist Office

1.1 Don’t Have A Nervous Breakdown!

– Rebecca K. Horton, RDA

If your job involves talking on the phone, then you already know how annoying it is to have a noisy environment. Your stress goes way up. You then pass your stress on to the person on the other end of your conversation (and everyone else you meet) and you ratchet up your stress with every second you have to continue that conversation when surrounding noises are distracting you from your task.

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1.2 Exhaustion ensues.

Effectiveness plummets. You run the risk of making people dislike you. Then you need a psychiatrist. And need meds. Your life is ruined! Or at least your day.

Very few of us have the privilege of a private office and even if we do, printers, fans, and outside noises will infringe.

If you’re like me, I work in an open dental office setting, subject to all the noise of the drills, suction, conversations, children playing (crying), doorbells ringing and miscellaneous machines such as vacuum former, vacuum cleaner, etc. My job demands that I be polite and charming.

I do not want to offend anyone. My nerves need to be real good.

So, I’m getting THE ONE for dental office personnel so that I can save my precious energy TODAY and save my precious hearing for my tomorrows.

1.3 Here are the hearing loss types:

  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Conductive
  • Sensorineural (Permanent loss from everyday noise)
  • Mixed

THE ONE manages the noise in the dentist office.

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