Mill Creek Rifle Club Hearing Protection

Big Ear is pleased to announce that Emily, our provider and will be attending Many of the Mill Creek Rifle Club events this year and into the future.

The Mill Creek Rifle Club takes great pride in ensuring that all their members and attendees practice safe gun and personal protection care while at any event Held at the Mill Creek Rifle Club.

Personal protection is the cornerstone belief at the Mill Creek Rifle Club for a lifelong learning and competition for all its members and Big Ear shares in that same belief.

As with all the different events, gun calibers and competition, there are many different styles of custom hearing protection options. Since there are many options with different functions for different uses, moreover we would like to explain them in detail for you.

Big Ear is a premium hearing protection Brand so all of the options are custom fit to each individual user. We use our perfect fit technology to achieve this.

1.1 How to choose the right Earplug.

Here is a list of what you might need at the Mill Creek Rifle Club.

Table of Contents

1.2 Custom Ear Plugs

  • Sleeping Ear Plugs
  • Made the event
  • Custom Ear Plugs with vents for hunting
  • Vanquishers are Custom Ear Plugs with a 37dB reduction that you can communicate while wearing
  • Custom Electronic Hearing Protection
  • Bluetooth Custom Electronic Hearing Protection for use with your Phone or your radio.

Let’s get Started:

1.3 Sleeping Ear Plugs

Custom Electronic Hearing Protection for use with Bluetooth or your radio.

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