Man complains of ear pain, finds family of cockroaches living in-ear

1.1 What Big Ear can do to prevent this

WARNING: Contains graphic content, not for the faint of heart


Beijing (MIRROR/NEW YORK POST) – Doctors found more than ten tiny cockroaches living inside the ear of a man from Guangdong Province, China.

Mr. Lv, 24, consulted at Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang in October after experiencing sharp pain inside his right ear. His family claimed to have seen what appeared to be a large cockroach after shining a torch into his ear canal.

Ears, nose and throat (ENT) specialist Dr. Zhong Yijin told Asiawire that the patient’s ear ached very much and that there was a scratching or crawling sensation inside.

“I discovered more than ten cockroach babies inside. They were already running around,” he added.

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The cockroaches were plucked one by one by Dr. Zhong using a pair of tweezers. He took the tiny ones out first before removing the bigger mother cockroach. The young cockroaches or nymphs were smaller and lighter-colored than the larger and darker-colored mother. They were identified to be of the German species Blatella germanica.

The hospital said that Mr. Lv suffered minor injuries in his right ear canal. He was discharged on the same day with a prescription of a course of antibiotics.

Head ENT specialist of Sanhe Hospital, Dr. Li Jinyuan, told local news media that the patient would leave unfinished food packets next to his bed. This habit attracted parasites such as cockroaches. He advised the public to maintain household hygiene to prevent the appearance and spread of cockroaches.

Female species of Blatella germanica typically lay 30 to 40 eggs, experts say.

1.1.1 India (Mirror/Indian Express) – In October 2017, a woman from India also complained of earache, later on discovering that she had a live spider in her ear.

The patient, identified only as Lekshmi L, went to the hospital at Bengaluru, India because of severe headaches and discomfort in her right ear.

Doctors were shocked to find an eight-legged creature crawling out of the patient’s ear canal during examination.

Reports say that the patient fell asleep on her veranda and woke up to a long-lasting headache. She also felt pain and a tingling sensation in her ear but could not explain why. She tried digging her finger into her ear canal but to no avail. Upon lighting a torch, her daughter did not find anything. Unable to bear the pain, she immediately sought medical consult in Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal, Bengaluru.

1.2 How Big Ear can help you

We all know that sleeping is a much-awaited time to rest and relax. It is a basic need to help our bodies recover and reboot in order to function properly the next day.

But what happens when sleep becomes a nightmare because of the things that might harm us while we are snoozing?

At Big Ear, we aim to provide the best hearing protection intended for various activities and lifestyles. Horror stories such as the ones above can be prevented by wearing sleeping earplugs, that is, aside from the all-important maintenance of hygiene. Sometimes, we can never be too careful especially when we sleep in an unfamiliar environment or out in the wild while camping. It is horrifying just thinking about crawling insects found in-ear.

Thus, we offer custom hearing protection that will fit your ears perfectly. Generic earplugs may differ in noise reduction because of uneven placement in-ear. In contrast, custom ones are tailored to your ear canal so that you get the same level of protection each time you wear them. Although the latter may cost more, undeniably, it is a good long-term investment for your hearing health.

While you are here, you can learn more about choosing the right earplugs and the buying cycle.


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