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Hearing damage cannot be reversed, but it is preventable with the proper hearing protection.

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This is a made on site earplug and it’s only available using a local provider.

Brian McConnel
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I just wanted to thank the couple Les and Darlene, that came to the Barrie cowboy match. I have tried many types of hearing protection none have worked, the ones that they made for me on Friday fit well and worked great. Thanks for the good work Brian McConnell
Judy Johnston
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I was at a motorcycle show that I went to with my dad, when I bought my custom earplugs early last month. I bought a pair right away and it didn’t even last that long to make them. They fit pretty good and I’ve been using them since. Just enjoying the community quarantine while shooting guns at our farm. Not that much to do. Thanks and keep safe people!

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Now that you have selected a High-Performance hearing protection device, it is time to have impressions of your ear canals.

Each ear is entirely different, even more so than your fingerprints. We will need a deep (to the second bend) ear impression made.

This is our famous made on-site custom earplug only made at an event or by one of our hundreds of providers, and you can have it made small for sleeping, Medium ear bowl, or full size for industrial and gun ranges and other uses. You will be able to add a screw in lanyard to it as well.

Please fill out the contact form here, and we will get you hooked up with the closet provider to get it done.
All of our other products are made from a set of impressions, so if you are remote or don’t have a provider in your area, we can send out a do-it-at-home impression kit to accomplish this. All of our processes are completed by filling out the contact form.

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