Swimming Ear Plug, Hear Through

Swimming Ear Plug, Hear Through

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Hearing damage cannot be reversed, but it is preventable with the proper hearing protection.

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Swimming Ear Plug, Hear Through Swimming earplugs allows you to keep the water out without the plugged up feeling that earplugs generate.

Having that plugged up feeling can throw you off your game; that’s why we have created our Swimming Ear Plug With No Sound Reduction.

They are perfect for days where you want just to block out the water while you swim and allow you to hear all the sounds around you.

Our hear through swimming earplugs were designed specifically for collegiate and professional swimmers but can be used in all areas of endurance competitions such as triathletes, tough mudders, water polo players, and any other sporting or recreational event when the threat of water in the Ear poses major problems.

Handcrafted Laboratory Earplugs

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Handcrafted Laboratory Earplugs

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Hearing Protection Lubrication
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Brian McConnel
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I just wanted to thank the couple Les and Darlene, that came to the Barrie cowboy match. I have tried many types of hearing protection none have worked, the ones that they made for me on Friday fit well and worked great. Thanks for the good work Brian McConnell
Judy Johnston
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I was at a motorcycle show that I went to with my dad, when I bought my custom earplugs early last month. I bought a pair right away and it didn’t even last that long to make them. They fit pretty good and I’ve been using them since. Just enjoying the community quarantine while shooting guns at our farm. Not that much to do. Thanks and keep safe people!

Swimming Ear Plug, Hear Through We make the Custom Swimming Ear Plug from our perfect fit technology impression process.

This ensures you will receive a perfect impression of your Ear and keep all the water out while you will be able to hear everything around you.

The plug is made so you can wear it under your cap with your goggles on and never worry about the product falling out and getting water in your ears.

This lab generated version of our custom earplugs is the softest, most comfortable Swimming Ear Plug; with No Sound Reduction, this is the only one on the market today.

The Swimming Ear Plug is also a great product if you want to be able to communicate with others around you.

It’s also great for wearing in the shower, at water parks, low depth surface snorkeling, and anywhere where water can get in your ears and cause you problems.

This is a lab generated product, which means we need a set of impressions from you; you can click above and order a do-it-yourself at-home impression kit, or click on the provider tab above and click on find a provider and find one near you that will meet with you and make you a set of impressions.

Swimming Ear Plug, Hear Through Custom made earplugs for swimming impressions can be made at a swim meet, and they are made from a set of impressions that a provider, audiologists, or a do it at home impression kit.

All we need is a set of impressions to get you going.

Big Ear’s custom swimming ear plugs are designed with our Perfect Fit Technology™ and will ensure a comfortable fit when you are using a cap or not, or for all-day use.

Our custom made earplugs for swimming are made using set impressions that can be made by one of our providers, an audiologist of your choice, or by using our do it at-home impression kit.

Sound Attenuation range: +/- 5 dB
Material is a pure medical-grade silicone
Standard Colors available
90 fit warranty

One year limited Warranty

Our Big Ear products are made using our Perfect Fit Technology ™. We use a set of impressions of your Ear’s to make any product you like.

Once we have your ear impressions in hand, it usually takes about 21 business days to craft our handmade one of a kind hearing protection device to the perfect fit product of your choice.

Once complete, we then send a tracking number to you when they ship. There are several options available for you to get ear impressions made.

Due to the custom nature of the products, there are no refunds under any circumstances.

Refund and Warranty Policy

Please check the Product Support Tab.

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