8 Gun Safety Tips To Live By | Start With Shooting Ear Plugs

It all starts with having the proper shooting earplugs and eyewear.

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Engaging in safe shooting skills is a necessity whether you target shooting in a pleasant setting, participating in competitive sports, shooting a public array With the Women that Hunt, or plinking with friends. Having the proper safety equipment eye and shooting earplugs is a must. Adherence to security rules, courtesy towards other shooters and careful gun handling are all keys to a safe, enjoyable experience.

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1.1. Ignoring essential security rules and failing to follow instructions.

Some people seem to believe the rules don’t apply to them and they can be quite dangerous to be around. If they can’t be persuaded to amend their behavior, it is probably best to break free from them. I’m not shy about sending folks home from my classes if they are a danger to others or themselves. Safety is essential and non-negotiable.
Let’s start with a few Critical rules:
  1.  All guns are always loaded. Always.
  2.  Never allow the muzzle to point to anything or anyone.
  3.  Always be sure of your target -understand what you’re shooting at and Know that the bullet can and will go through the target, or you may miss.

1.2. Poor Gun Handling

We have all know individuals who wave a gun around or can’t appear to keep their finger off the trigger when they are not shooting. The typical excuse, when brought to their attention, is,”But the gun isn’t loaded.” Well, maybe it is, and perhaps it is not, but the rest of us have no means of knowing that. Gun handling and security rules apply all the time. Always.

1.3. Don’t Practice Speed Holstering

A sure prescription for shooting yourself is speeding holstering, and it is a wicked habit. Slamming the gun into the holster, especially if the weapons safety is not engaged, the weapon is de-cocked or if your finger is on the trigger. This can lead to a horrible surprise. If a piece of clothing or a part of the holster comes in contact with the weapon when it is holstered, it’s entirely feasible for a round to discharge into your leg, butt or crotch, depending upon where you carry. Think about that when contemplating your carry method and always holster slowly, and carefully.

1.4. Using public ranges

When going to most public ranges, it will not take long until you see somebody using a gun in their hands turn off from the shooting line and sweep against other shooters or bystanders.  Always keep your gun in a safe direction.

1.5. Handling your open weapon

Bending over with a gun in your hand, as we seem programmed to bend down and immediately pick up anything we drop reflexively. This can be particularly harmful whether you’re on a range, or with friends, as we lose control of the muzzle, pass by other people, or worse, put our thoughts in line with different people handling firearms. If you drop something at a range, wait until the line is declared secure before you bend down to pick up what you have dropped and do not under any circumstance step forward and cross the line.

1.6. Cold Range Handling

At a range when Handling firearms while the range is cold, when people are down range or when handling firearms behind the firing line. After the range goes cold, all guns ought to be unloaded,  benched, or holstered. Stepping back into the line to correct your sights while some are repairing targets isn’t just harmful.

1.7. Proper Eye Protection

How frequently have you seen people shooting who are not wearing adequate eye protection? It only takes one very small particle to take a eye out. Never shoot without eye protection.

1.8. Starting with adequate shooting earplugs

The worst of all, Not using Shooting Ear Plugs. You have been conditioned by the TV that you can just pop off a few rounds, and they never have any repercussions. They go to the next seen all fine and have conservation, and everything is well. Truth is even the smallest .22 can cause a lifetime of suffering. It is worse than being shot. Because if just this one time it causes tinnitus or you become sudden hard of hearing or even deaf it all on you. No one else suffers and you have to deal with this until you die.
There are so many different Shooting Ear Plugs options available that it is no longer an excuse. Having a custom set of earplugs made is always the best option as they take a second to put in and give you the maximum protection that is always exactly the same.
I remember a story while watching a tv show with my Father-in-law and he said when he fired a gun from his cruiser that it was one of the worst mistakes of his life. He missed of course but the concussion blew all the papers off the dash throughout the car dust, and smoke was flying and instantly got tinnitus. That was in 1967. His ears are still ringing today.
Conclusion: Everyone should take a safety course, and this goes for any spectators as well. Get to know your equipment as in this sport there is no re do’s. This should be enjoyable, not life-changing.

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