Best Firefighters Hearing Protection

For years we have all known that the only hearing protection that works is a hearing protection device that a person will wear, this is why we created the Best Firefighters Hearing Protection that you put in and wear all day.  We all know that our firefighters are some of the most protected workers out there, with new protection devices added each year.

We also know 100% that you can have all the protective equipment in the world, but if you can not hear your orders or the information coming over the radio, a firefighter can not bring the help in time. We all need to listen to commands right the first time to ensure that we can do the best job possible.

We also know that hearing loss in firefighters is a serious problem for most firefighters in the later years of life. Most firefighters need hearing aids in their golden years, which is preventable. We have created a complete line of the best firefighter’s hearing protection on the market.

(Article on how to choose the best Custom Hearing Protection)

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As we all know, having custom-made equipment for the exact job at hand is the best it can get. With your custom firefighter hearing protection device, you install it as one of the first pieces of equipment to put on and wear it all day, hear perfectly everything going on around you, and don’t take it out until the day is done. No expense is spared to bring firefighters home in the same shape as they started their day.

Our custom firefighter hearing protection is the most important piece of equipment, ensuring that your hearing will be fully protected from the first alarm to arriving back at the station.

You can and will be doing all you can to ensure that you hear everything you need to while keeping your hearing safe.

As you all know, many firefighters already have hearing damage, and still not much is done.

It is up to us to protect our hearing because we alone will suffer the effects of hearing loss and tinnitus in our golden years once our duty is done.


1.1 Why Do I Need Hearing protection?

This is not a no-brainer question, we know we must protect to keep our hearing but that is not why we developed our firefighter hearing protection. We developed it when a Colorado wildland firefighter was killed when she was calling for water and the person at the truck could not hear her commands over the radio because it was too loud at the truck. We worked directly with them and developed a hearing protection device that has a series of filters that allows all sounds to be heard and the massive loud background noises to be totally reduced to hear all commands coming in.

We decided to patent this custom hearing protection device as it has never been invented before.

1.2 Firefighters at higher risk

More than 40% of all firefighters experience tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss.

This study looks at a group of firefighters that have a myriad of hearing loss issues that they suffer from exposure to all the environmental sounds from air horns, sirens, tools, and equipment including power washers to keep their equipment clean. Firefighters are also exposed to ototoxic chemicals while dealing with the initial fire that containment to investigating. Each breath allows serious damage if you are not protecting your hearing at all times.

1.3 The Solution

For Cal Fire, we have provided a solution so that you can protect your hearing from the time inside the firehouse to the event itself.

It is as simple as having a set of impressions of your ears to get a perfect replication of each of your ears to ensure a perfect fit for each device. We have all heard the horror stories from hearing protection not fitting right and not providing the correct hearing protection that one believed they were receiving this is why custom with a perfect fit every time is the only way to make sure it is perfect.

This is what the Buying Cycle looks like.


Best Fighter Hearing Protection

1.4 The One – Single set of filters

Why is this the Best Firefighters Hearing Protection?

Unfortunately, so many people suffer hearing damage from previous bad habits, and now we have to compensate for this.

We patented our dual filter system that has become the best Best Firefighter Hearing Protection that money can buy when compared to all other hearing protection on the market at any price.

We use 2 filters that allow all the sound to come through perfectly until the sound pressure or impact sound, and at this point, all sound is filtered to provide perfect hearing protection while totally hearing in your situation.

When this happens, it comes through perfectly at the same frequency just fully reduced, and you can hear all the sounds the way you know them, it is just much quieter and safer.

The ONE has many different main filters that you can select from, so it is suitable for all your hearing protection needs from Firefighting and all your other hobbies so you can wear them all day and have comfort while using them.

Once you go through the process of getting them custom-made for you, it will be your go-to device to protect your hearing.

You will still hear everything without the risk of hearing loss. The One comes with your choice of filters and your options are 9, 15, 20, 25, and 30 dB cut filters, or you can purchase all of them.

You also have a lanyard option and silicon plugs that will allow you to plug the outside filter and the internal filter and turn The One into a full-stop earplug.

1.5 The One – Premium Series

The One Premium Series, With all the bells and whistles. Included are 4 sets of filters, one set of filter blocks, one tactical piece, and the filtered earplugs.

1.6 CEP Aviation Adapters

CEP Aviation Custom Adapters are made to replace the uncomfortable generic cep aviation compliance tips that come in the box.

Every once and a while, they will fit someone or are a great get by just to grab it and go, but if you have to use this daily and all day long, it is like wearing someone else’s shoes.

Because you are a professional you should have the best equipment that money can buy to provide the best hearing protection available to you at any cost.

1.7 What We Do

The process is straightforward. We visit your meeting and discuss the goals of the hearing conservation program and the outcome you are looking to achieve.

We then do an assessment of your ears and make a set of silicone impressions that we use and keep for any products that you may want in the future.

Your impressions then are sent to our lab for your unit to be custom-made to the exact shape of your ear canal and ear bowl for perfect insertion each and every time.

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