1.1 What is one of the most essentials pieces of BMW motorcycle rider safety equipment?

Big Ear is one of the official Grand Prize Giveaways at the annual BMW Owners of America Rally each year.

It was a great turn out last year in Iowa, they had a great turn out and amazing facility but it was so hot.

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Last year in Iowas the grand prize winner From Big Ear was Karen Hinzpeter from Twin Lakes Wi.

The BMW Owners of America had a beer tent and Karen won as she was volunteering for the members.

I think there were many volunteers that won, so thanks for being there for the members.

Our 2 seminars were standing room only as well and there were a lot of free items given away and a discount for Custom Ear Plugs if you attended my seminar.

This year will be the best year ever for us and our Big Ear Customers. I will be giving out our Custom Filtered Motorcycle Earplugs out at the seminar. One person Each day so don’t miss this.

It is our Select set that is a $300.00 Value. You have to be present to win. I will have a secret drawing for a lucky winner, how you win this is you are now reading this.

If you put your name on one of my business cards from my booth and bring it in and hand it to me with a secret handshake you will be in this exclusive limited drawing. Only a few who read this and follow this exactly will win.


So let’s get started

This is our Custom Motorcycle Ear Plug that is legal in all 50 states!

1.2 Here is a video on our newest filtered Custom Ear Plugs for the BMW MOTORCYCLE RIDER to allow them to fully protect themselves while hearing everything around them.

1.2.1 Our BE-Select dual Custom Filtered Ear Plugs with 2 sets of Filters and a full stop plug.

This year’s Grand Prize Give away will be Big Ear’s Newest Noise Canceling Convertible Custom Triple Speaker Earbuds (Value $1555.00)

One of the more difficult things we are now doing is to struggle to hear our sound systems or communication systems over the wind and road noise while we’re trying to enjoy our ride.

There are so many people trying to make louder speakers, (quieter helmets, not) and claim to have a better solution, but they’re just selling a product made in China.

If we were just using this around the house or in the drive it sounds great, but were not. We get on our motorcycle and get up to road speed and all the new tech and things you have done won’t work in the 115-120dB environment.

To compensate, we’ve purchased systems at a booth, in a store, or online through vendors that claim to have a better solution. We’ve sat in our driveway, installed that system, and boy, did it sound good!

Then we went for a ride. Those supposedly new and improved systems did not perform as promised because the wind and road noise rose over 105dB. It was impossible to hear your music or partner over the roar.

1.3 The Solution:

Big Ear Inc. has a solution to your frustration on the open road. Finally, you can hear your communication system while enjoying your fantastic motorcycle adventures. Chose if you would like to go with your Bluetooth or just hard wire into your newer communication system. Plug your cord into your Big Ear earplugs, and go. The clarity and sound are unparalleled to anything on the market.

Also included, you can turn your phone into a perfect hearing aid (full info on the website) using your Big Ears and the Sonic Cloud app. Have constant communication on the road or at the gas pumps without removing your helmet. The solutions are endless when it comes to hearing protection and clear sound.

Learn more at or attend my upcoming BMW Owners of America seminars at the rally. We will discuss these solutions, a new earplug, and ways to hear your speakers without changing your current set up.

Get a discount for just attending my talk.

Music line up lineup this year

1.4 More to do in Tennessee

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