Custom Ear Plugs for Motorcycle Riders

Sick of Generic Earplugs?

1.1 Custom Ear Plugs for Motorcycle Riders Is the Answer

Here are 3 types of custom ear plugs for motorcycle riders to try.

If you are someone who would consider yourself extremely active and by active I mean ACTIVE!
You ride motorcycles on and offroad, if you run, hunt, attend concerts Nascar, flat track, Indycar races or possibly your job demands you to be in all manner of brutal conditions and you are trying to wear hearing protection while you engage in these activities, these 3 products I will be highlighting will change your life and allow you to be comfortable while protecting your hearing.

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Now what I’ve just stated is an extremely bold claim relegated to infomercial preachers and timeshare salespeople, however, those of you who live active lifestyles and have attempted to wear hearing protection while you do what you do face a common consensus.
And that is generic earplugs absolutely suck!!
There are no two ways about it, be it sitting in the heat at your third stop of the day with your motorcycle helmet cranked to the side sweat pouring down your face because your earplugs or earbuds popped out again is not fun.
Or being at a concert with gigantic earplugs in that completely kills the color of the music and upends your experience to the point where you actually take them out is uncool.
So what can you do about it? Well, lets transition into the first of three products that will get you enjoying the things you have to or choose to do.

1.2 1. Custom Earplugs:

In the pursuit of all things amazing in the world of hearing protection, your choices when it comes to long term comfort your choices are limited.
That’s not a bad thing, it just means we will completely disregard all that is not created specifically for your ears.
That means you are left with one choice, which is custom. Common grievances with the custom option are price and involvement in the molding process.
Yes, the products cost ten times as much as a set of cheap foamies, and you do have to sit in a chair and have impressions made, the trade-off is game-changing.

1.2.1 Handcrafted:

When all is said and done you have a handcrafted device constructed to fit the exact curvature and bend of your ear canal.
They can be built with a large profile for industrial facilities or created flush in the ear so for those of you with ear complex’s fret, not no one will notice it.
The custom ear plugs for motorcycle riders reduce 28-32 decibels and for a bit more patience and money you can have.
A lab-generated earplug built out of a thicker or thinner durometer that will either reduce no decibels or for those of you in extremely loud places.
you can have an earplug built that only reduces the higher end frequencies and allows the lower end frequencies where voices register to come in clear.
With this being said there is still one issue with what is known as occlusion, in non-audiologist speak occlusion is that plugged up sensation you experience when wearing earplugs.
The sounds around you become compressed it is odd when you aren’t in extremely loud places and is one of the main reasons why earplugs get such a bad rap.
Fortunately, the next product will clear up the issues that many faces when they want to be still able to retain the color of the environment around them.

1.3 2: Filtered earplugs:

This is another all or nothing category as filtered earplugs as we’ve seen from the recent lawsuits involving 3M and the U.S military.
With filtered earplugs, if you do not get enough reduction or the wrong method of protection with only one flat attenuation filter, you will still damage your hearing, and in most cases, you will still occlude the sound.
The remedy is a two-part filtered earplug that uses two filters first to screen the sound and then secondly to compress sound pressure over 85 dB from penetrating into your ear.
This then allows you to hear the sounds around you still while at the same time, not receiving damage from those sounds. Its something to get your head around, and will require you to do more research than just this blog post.
But what about those of you interested in being able to hear your radios when you work, your music or communication when you ride…

1.4 3. Custom Headphones:

Fortunately, there are products that allow you to have both custom hearing protection and music in one product.
Most of you are used to mediocre generic earbuds that lodge in your ear and rub your ears raw.
The bad examples set by these poorly constructed products have damaged the trust of active users and have left a bad taste in the mouth of most.
What we’ve constructed has taken the criticism of generic earbuds in mind, and we’ve crafted our products to upend the irritation that most users experience when using earphones.
Using an eight-inch plugin, you simply plug the custom-molded earphones into your device and put the earphones in your ears and enjoy your day.


There are different quality models of the products for those of you who like better sounding music, and the option is there for you to upgrade as high as you want and have the highest quality professional monitors for whatever pastime you enjoy.
With the product being custom made for your ears, the common hotspots that disrupt a user including the inner ear canal, the ear bowl.
The exterior cartilage of the ear that when rubbed raw feels as if it has been stung by hornets has been carefully considered and the end product will not cause you any discomfort.
We also live what we sell, and we ride…alot, and we test our products under the tightest of helmets, hats, and bandanas. With these custom earphones, you are guaranteed the best sound quality and the best comfort no matter what you do.
There you have it, the three genres of custom ear plugs for motorcycle riders that will allow you to unlock comfort and clarity when it comes to your hearing protection needs.
I write this from the needs of my customers, and I guarantee with the backing of the hundreds of thousands of customers our company has served you will proclaim,
“I Love My Big Ears!”
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