8 Reasons That Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs Are The Best Ear Plugs For Sleeping

1.1 Best Ear plugs for Sleeping

Now that we’re adults it becomes increasingly difficult to Sleep through the night and get a great nights rest, between the normal stresses of family, bills, work, and the ever impending clock of life ticking away our years, there are only a small handful of ways in which we can disengage and take our attention away from the things that trouble us and find time for peace. Some of us choose meditation, some choose movies and t.v, and others select reading or painting.

Myself I choose sleep, and when I get a goods nights sleep I am able to allow my subconscious mind free. And over the years I have dedicated myself to finding the most comfortable ways to sleep. In my efforts to have the best nights rest possible I am willing to try almost anything. From eye masks to scented oils, darkened windows and melatonin.

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My ambition to find the perfect rest is something I take seriously, I was looking for the best earplugs for sleeping. It wasn’t until 2004 when I began to wear Custom sleeping earplugs that I entered into a truly deep and restful sleep. This was around the time when I began my company Big Ear, and I entered into the world of making custom earplugs and custom stereo ear plugs, and over the last 15 years I have dedicated myself to creating the greatest products on the planet for personal hearing protection, and I want to share with you why I believe that you too can benefit from wearing custom earplugs for sleeping.

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1.3 Why Custom Ear Plugs Are a Must

  1. The Fit: When it only takes a second to put custom earplugs in your ears. By just a twist and they slip smoothly down your ear canal, and they’re in. You will love the fit and feel, and the quality is unmatched by any kind of generic solution on the market today. 
  2. The Seal: When you enjoy your Custom EarPlugs in, you get to chose how you sleep. You can sleep on your back, Roll over and switch to your left side, Then flip over on your right side, it does not matter, and they will not fall out. While moving your face across the pillow, they don’t move, shift or fall out.
  3. No Ear Fatigue:  When your traveling you can take a cat nap at the airport, or while Sleeping at a hotel, in a tent, or trying to catch a few quick winks or even want to sleep the weekend away, you get to wear them for as long as you like as they are made entirely for you. Because they are custom, your earplug is in your ear canal and seals perfectly, and custom made just for you, they don’t move or slip.
  4. Consistency: After you use them for a few days you adjust to how quiet it becomes and your mind learns to wind down quickly. Put in your Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs then close your eyes, and then you drift right off to sleep. Because they are custom, it is the same each and every time. It never changes because one is in farther than the other, they won’t pop out, and you can have your head flat on the pillow.
  5. Longevity: When they are made just for you they are designed for durability of  5 to 7 years of daily use. They do not trying to get back to a generic shape and are not expanding in your head, and not poking you, or jamming in on the pillow.
  6. Savings: When you look at the initial investment, you will see that you pay one time and you’re done. They are always there for you and no more finally drifting off to sleep,  to be awakened because one fell out and you have to find it and try and get it back in. No more trying to place your head just right so not to cause pain and then they pull out.
  7. Limited Over Protection: One of the main benefits of custom sleeping earplugs is the constant sound reduction and what you will receive is in the 30dB range. One other consideration is your personal hearing loss as to what the actually perceived sound reduction is, you will still hear your dog bark, the maid at the door, and other essential sounds that you must hear. If you’re already using any earplugs, you will understand what wearing earplugs sound like, if you are not familiar with wearing ear plugs there is a break in time of about one week for your brain and body to adjust to the amazing peace.
  8. Convenience: When you wear earplugs to bed nothing is worse than having spent 5 to 10 minutes rolling up an earplug and jamming it in your head and hoping that the seal will be tight and even for both ears. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s not, so you have to restart, and by the time you get both out, you’ve dropped one on the floor, and the other is lost in the sheets. With custom earplugs, you just open the case twist or slide in your earplugs and lay back on your pillow and fall into a deep and restful sleep. This is why custom earplugs are the best earplug for sleeping.
  9. Warranty: Our custom sleeping earplugs are the best earplugs for sleeping and come with either a 12-month warranty or a 36-month warranty, depending on the custom sleeping ear plugs that you choose. Learn more about our warranty details here.

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