History of Valentine's day

1.1 History of Valentine’s day, and how you can spread the love.

As you know love is all about communication and being able to relate to others. At Big Ear, we are all about protecting one of the most valuable senses used for communication, your hearing.

There is now a major shift in the hearing protection world that we have know about for a long time and that is generic hearing protection does not work effectively. We are now seeing massive class action lawsuits against companies that claimed that generic ear plugs work. They don’t.

3M settled for 9.1 million back to the US government for causing massive hearing damage because they represented that generic hearing protection would protect our soldiers. It did not.

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1.2 So how does the history of Valentine’s day relate?

Protect your hearing and protect the ability to hear your loved one’s communication ability.

Here is a little Video that Stone put together that gives a comprehensive look at the origins of the History of Valentine’s Day.

1.2.1 The History of Valentine’s day.

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It all starts with a good night sleep. When you snore or your partner snores get a custom set of Sleeping Earplugs.

1.2.2 Custom Super Soft Sleeping Earplugs

If your an athlete or work out to stay healthy then why not have Custom Earbuds that don’t fall out or irritate you.

On the day of selfies, it’s all about you. So make your earbuds the same way. Make them Custom.

If you work for a living you need to come back home in as good shape then when you left in the morning. Wearing custom hearing protection for workers is the best way to ensure this. Your family will love you for this.

1.2.3 Custom Industrial Hearing Protection

1.3 How to find the right product for you.

So now you know a little bit more about the History of Valentine’s day.

All of us here at Big Ear wish you a Happy Valentines day and make it much more than just one day and love each other every day.

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