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It is our pleasure to provide you with hearing protection related information. In the world of medicine there are not many teaching hearing protection, only what is available after it is damaged. It is up to each one of us not to get hearing damage personally and for our families. It takes education and that is what we want to provide.


The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters – Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Big Ear Account The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters – Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Why with all the technology has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss become the #1 Disease in the world? There is a very famous painting by Goya that depicts a man sleeping, in his slumber he is marauded by all manner of creatures of the […]

Custom Ear Plugs Give You Serenity NOW

Big Ear Account Custom Ear Plugs Give You Serenity NOW Serenity Now Rebecca K. Horton, RDA Yesterday I was so tired I didn’t think I could even go to dinner with my husband. Why?  Well, the noisy old day and all the stress had just about worn me out. I decided to do an experiment.  I recently […]

Earplugs for Kids, Really?

Big Ear Account Earplugs for Kids, Really? When we expose our Kids to any dangerous situations, we need to protect them, that only makes sense, Correct? Do we need earplugs for kids? I recently saw an article that described how heavy metal music is a torture method at Guantanamo Bay but that it has since […]

Why Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs Are The Best

Big Ear Account Why Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs Are The Best 5 Reasons that Custom Sleeping Ear Plugs are Best  Now that we’re adults it becomes increasingly difficult to get a good nights rest, between the normal everyday stresses of family, bills, work, and the ever impending clock of life ticking away our years, there […]

History of Valentine’s day

Big Ear Account History of Valentine’s day History of Valentine’s day, and how you can spread the love. As you know love is all about communication and being able to relate to others. At Big Ear, we are all about protecting one of the most valuable senses used for communication, your hearing. There is now a […]

How To Prevent Tinnitus

How To Prevent Tinnitus

Big Ear Account How To Prevent Tinnitus I just read this latest article about Daniel Derricutt, 24 from the UK who claimed his Bose Earphones caused Tinnitus, and this caused his suicide. How to Prevent Tinnitus, and how really bad is this? How can Tinnitus Cause Suicide? In the US, it is tough to get […]